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A new website by Nirmalay Sants


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Sant Kashmir Singh Ji Bhurivale has created a nice website showing their kar seva. Their work was pioneered by Sant Jaimal Singh Bhurivale, then Sant Gurdyal Singh ji, images of whom are on Sarabloh info wrongly labelled as Udasi sadhus.


There are photos featuring Sri Mahant Svami Gyandev Singh Ji Vedantacharya along with most of the current Nirmal Panchayti Akhara affiliated sadhus, Sants and Mahants.

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Theres a sant from the Bhurivale lineage who I think is based mostly at Hardiwar but comes to Raqba quite often to visit Baba Joginder Singh. If he doesnt make it for a month or so when he comes hes always very upset and tells Baba Ji how hes been longing for their darshan for so long. Sometimes he comes all that way, sits for a few hours but doesnt say anything really, gets up and says Baba Ji has done a lot of kirpa by giving darshan and extends a request asks Baba Ji to comes visit them with the Dal at Hardiwar. When they do talk it always makes interesting conversation to listen, the beauty flowers that they are looking at when its time for the afternoon walk or gun contained within certain plans, or the ways of sansar etc.

After he leaves Baba Ji spends a while mentioning how great it is that so many different Udasi, Nirmale and Hindu sadhus visit Raqba daily and how this glorifies Maharaj's darbar with the presence of so many holy men. Every sant or santni is given a small amount of money and clothing or any necessity they may require. Always nice seeing the multicultural aspect of the Nihangs and the prem & satkar that exists between mahapursh of diverse traditions.


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