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Don't touch that Daara!

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I think unless you are a very powerful brahamgyani pooran Sant you should never give such an advise to a person in front of the sangat , this can be really humiliating or embarrasing for the person in front of everyone.

Basically what happened was that the guy was under immense pressure at that moment, and he could have agreed to anything on the stage lol

I think before organizing an event he will think about it twice.

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The same thing happend to my friend when we visited hazur sahib. We saw a local sant at his dera and we were about to take a group picture when sant ji turned around and pointed at my friend and said "The next time i'll see you will you be a kesh dhari??" my friend felt embarrased and said yes due to the pressure being put on him lol.

poor guy in the video

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hahaha thats funny lol

heres some more:


do u think they would call him back for kirtan after that parhcar? lolol

Prof Darshan Singh sounds a lot like some of the kirtan cassettes i used to hear when i was younger, so he does kirtan cassettes? (or cds/mp3s or whatever these days)

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