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Wonderful Frescoes - Fateh Khan Pakistan


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Gurfateh !

Trust you are all well - I have received some messages asking if I am still 'alive' as I haven't posted for a while - Thank you for your concern !, I am in rude health ! just been really busy at work and have a backlog of new books and pics to sort through (enjoying 'In The Masters Presence' at the moment !!).

However I am not so busy that I can't bring to your attention this Wonderful set of images.

Taken from 'photosbymonicamichele' flickr collection they show the ruins of a Gurdwara and Samadh in Fateh Khan (District Dera Ghazni Khan - Punjab Pakistan)


Taking this picture as a starting point


I have figured out it must be The Gurudwara Kot Bhai Than Singh, Distt Attock that is described here;


This means the Gurdwara , Samaadh and frescoes must date from the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Baba Than Singh was an influential figure among 'Potohar' Sikhs , If my memory serves me well I think there is a 'Baba Than Singh Chowk' in Ludhiana City (?? ). As always any input from respected members and readers most welcome and much appreciated.

I'll get to the bit you want to see now - the pictures ! - I've cherry picked a few of my favourites - I particularly like the fresco of Guru Hargobind Sahib with Bidhi Chand and the fresco of Guru Gobind Singh with the Panj Piarey - the Piarey with beautiful Dumaley, decorated with Chakars and Shasters. Bhai Mokham Singh is shown as an Akali Nihang with Farla. There are lots of pictures so DO visit the Flickr page as the pictures are amazing - if particularly upsetting because of the graffiti and disfiguring of faces - however the higher up frescoes are mostly intact. Enjoy !









Enjoy these wonderful images - please post any information you have - Waheguru Bless photographers like these they are doing a sterling job !!


Ranjit Singh 'Freed'

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