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Bare Hate On This

Mr Sardar

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this whole forum http://www.topix.com/forum/religion/sikh/TKDLABC22RF5NUSMK

is full of soooo much anti Sikh comments even past that thread, why are so many people so hostile to Sikhs.

Because most of the people there are Mirpuri Pakistani Muslims who live off state benefits in the UK. Their hate is a result of a combination of inbreeding and Islam.


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brothers dont need to react, thats what they want. all western and eastern media spew bakwaas about the Panth 24/7 and they win either way. best to take their negativity and store it up as energy to put into BEING, practising, living an example of Sikhi. then even if the whole world and its armies are against you one lion is too much.

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great advise parchand veer ji. If someone spits on the moon, spits comes back down on their face. It doesn't reach the moon, moon is in it's sat chit anand svaroop as always..anand mangal :D

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