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Gur Ind Nama


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Dr Kohli describes thus:


The word 'Gurind' means Guru. This work briefly describes the birth and life of the twelfth manifestation of the true Guru in Kalyuga. Regarding the eleventh manifestation it only says that he will remain incognito, The twelfth manifestation will take place in the world in the year 4897 of Kaliyuga or the Prabhva Samvat 1853. Some facts mentioned in this work are:

1.The eleventh manifestation will take place in Bijapur.

2. In twelfth manifestation the Guru will promulgate in the world the discipline of the Name of the Lord in Prabha Samvat 1917.

3. The twelfth manifestation will be very powerful one. He will bring Satyuga in Kaliyuga.

4.He will have long hair on his head and a rosary around his neck. He will be the protector of the lowly and destroyer of the Malecchas.

5. He will reside on the banks of Sutlej and will go to Hari-Mandir after conquering the Baghdad in the Middle-East.All the world will bow befor him."

Also see:


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Thanks Shaheediyan, I heard of the text before but didn't know anything about it.

Is it accepted by Akaal Takht/mainstream sikhism or only applied to namdhari/kuka belief?

If its a composiotion by Bhai Nand Lal Ji, cant see why it wont be accepted.


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I have enquired about these texts from the local Namshari gurudwara and they said that they are going to get hold of the book. If there are any questions that have arisen regaring this text, lemme know, and i will ask the giani ji,



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Gurind Nama (Not 'Gur Ind Nama') is not work of Bhai Nand Lal. It is a separate text, just like Sau Sakhi and the texts found at Wad-Teerath. While none of them were discovered or written by Namdharis, in fact the Wad-Teerath text was tampered with just days after discovery, they are believed to be originally linked with Guru Gobind Singh and due to their predictions of the 11th and 12th Gurus, they found their way into the Namdhari fold rather readily. Since those who had the knowledge of these texts or believed them became Namdharis, it is therefore in a text that is only significant among Namdharis. They are not, in current form, considered Gurbani and it is generally accepted to have been corrupted in parts over the years by those loyal to Maharajas.

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