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Age For Marriage?

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Sex with a child is a punishable crime according to Prem Sumarg.

It is also akin to rape/abuse in most cultures in the world so does not need Sikhi to highlight it.

Age for marriage is a cultural issue - in the Punjabi Sikh culture until the last few decades, Sikhs have generally been married around the age of 18 in my research. Although my grandparents were married younger. In my opinion it is good for people to get married early, stops one making mistakes and allows a couple to grow up together (mentally) and be closer/stronger later in life with as they have been friends since childhood.

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I was reading that new book by Bobby Singh Bansal and he says that General Allard (of Maharajah Ranjit Singh's time) was ("according to the customs of the Punjab kingdom") married to a twelve year old princess (from modern day HP region) and had a baby with her within a year......

She died many years after Allard in Europe and is buried in St. Tropez.

Make of it what you will.....

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I know a few couples who got married or engaged whilst at Uni, all are very happy. It actually helped them to focus on their studies as they didn't feel the need to live a student life, and have student experiences. It helped them to mature early. Again, I also think it naurally help the girl to mould into her new family as her personality is still changing as opposed to the rock solid character most girls develop after numerous post grad qualifications and eventually going into jobs at a Managerial level etc... the typical career minded girl 27 year old girl does not fit into her new family as easily as that still developing/studying etc.

Just my opinion, of course there are exceptions to rules and all that.

The above may sound a little old fashioned - but if the subject is khojed, you will find many more benefits e.g. having children at a younger age is more healthy and less risky for women etc.

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people used to get married a lot younger ie 10 - 12 years old, but the girls parents only sent her to her in-laws when they felt she was able to carry out the responsibilities of married/family life, serving not only her husband but her in-laws as well. Now we have the later marriage age and instant moving in to the in-laws home.

But i remember once when 21 was an old age to get married.

I remember a documentary on Nepal, where the practice of marrying young, 12-16 is still practised, and as I mentioned once the girls parents feel she is ready for family life, they will send her to her in-laws. Now focus on education, and the better standard of life it brings, is bringing this tradition of young marriage to an end. Parents woud rather their daughter became a doctor or summat, and live well, rather than just get her married at a young age just to fulfil their own responsibilities.

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