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Jesus Second Comming?

Mr Sardar

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Christists have been waiting 2000 years and Jesus hasnt come back. 1000 years ago the europeans all went nuts thinking he was coming back in the early part of that millenium. If he does come back he better stay out of my way as he has a lot of answering to do for all the genocide christians and muslims have committed.

Right, I'm off to Homebase to get some nails and wood.

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What are the specifics of the prophecies, like place and time- also if some chella of a mahapurkh is mukht they could claim to be anyone of these avtars with the ridhis and sidhis they have so what will be different in these avtars hence compared to an anti-christ/devil/dajjal/kal-jug figure(s);

In Chaupa Singh rehitnama, Prem sumarag and sau sakhi it talks about the Guru returning again.

In Dasam Granth it talks about Kalki Avatar and Meer Mahdi coming.

In Sarbloh Granth it talks about the Sarbhloh Avatar coming.

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On 1/24/2011 at 12:43 AM, Mr Sardar said:



The True Guru is the Shabad Guru, for the the physical bodies are made of the 5 perishable mayavee tattwas, so the body can never be the Guru, the Guru is the Jot of Waheguru Akal Purukh,whose main purpose when at our level is to awaken us from the slumber of ignorance by them singing the mahima of Akal Purukh and revealing us the path of the Truth as per Nam to clear our karmas and merge in our origin, Nam/Shabad, ultimate Truth.

That is why Gurbani says:

Sat/Saadh Sangat othay janeeyay, jithay Iko Nam vakhaneeyeh.

The Truth is known there where the praises of Nam are sung in the company of the Holy.

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