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bhraym gianis

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veer ji i wasnt calling people bhramgyani but calling bhramgyanis bhramgyanis...they are not people like you and me...they are the ones....

puran saints/bhramgyanis sikhs in our history.. they are thousand of them....

how do i know that???

because i believe sooo...

how do u know if god exist?

you believe soo right...

same concept here :LOL:

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They aare someone has has the same love for any child like a mother does 4 her child. A mother has this natural quality, but when sum1 is spiritually enlightened, they have this quality too.

Put it this way.. it feels "Woahhhhhhhhhh...!"

You just know. Sum1 spiritually high has an energ. They are like gravity and we get pulled towards them with our hearts. Some things just are and u'll kno it wen u see it.

You just know. Hard to explain. They are sum1 who has no doubts about God that they exist... that kind of auro rubs off... its REAALY hard to describe. Remember they can be disguised too, moral, respect EVERYONE cus u dont know who is and hu isnt. Go to the Gudwara... and some of the Bibia there in the kitchens - the ones that dont talk at all are so high.... woah....

U just know.

Also usually if sumthing is really gud, ppl will criticeise it the most... outta jelousy and stuff... remeber the ones that criticised the most are MORE likley to be the ones that are higher than the rest....

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u can tell if sum1 is a brahmgyani because theres like a jewel indside us that we can only see if we wipe away the dust from it, we can only wipe it away by loads of naam simran, seva and humility.....a brahmgyanis jewel is pure and shining bright because they have washed away all the dirt 4rm there jewel, there jewel shines so bright that u can see it from there face, it is hard to hide, even though out of humility they hide it.


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Yes, it can be seen in their faces, but also understood by what the person says and how they behave.

The specifics of brahmgyan or zero-experience as it has been termed, are very tricky. For example, the theorist William James applied four characteristics for mystical experience, one of which is transciency.

Agehananda Bharati states that even Sri Ramana Maharishi, who had long sustained zero-experiences (of absolute unity), was not in union ALL the time. The unity comes and goes.

Therefore, what category of Brahmgyani was Guruji talking about in Sri Sukhmani Sahib di paath?

Perhaps I'm needlessly overcomplicating this!! hehe.

As for proof, Sukh Singh, one of William James' criteria is also that it is ineffable (inexpressable in words). Interestingly, mystics often express mystical through poetry instead...sound familiar! Bharati uses Karl Popper verification principle to point out that the mystical experience of unity can neither be proven nor disproven scientfically! Likewise the counter claim 'it is an hallucination' cannot be proven nor disproven. What can be proven is that the person had a strong experience that has changed their life. Attempts at empirically verifying God's existence cut there own noses off immediately!

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Sat Sri Akal:

Shouldn't throw around the word Brahmgyani too easily cause only a Brahmgyani knows the depth of a Brahmgyani:

barahm gi-aanee kee gat barahm gi-aanee jaanai.

Only the God-conscious being can know the state of the God-conscious being.

Sukhmani Sahib.

I disagree with you ms514 sahib ji....

The words sangat use could be outmost shardha ....

Last thing panth needs is people tell others what word to use/what word not to use...Yes i agree with you ...there are fake sants wanna be out there... There were fake sants in guroo's time but that didnt let people have less faith in bhramgyanis out there.

Also its all about interpertation of gurbani.

I for one can make the understanding of "barahm gi-aanee kee gat barahm gi-aanee jaanai." as simply - Bhramgyani knows only its state or khel...

Its hard to explain veer.. but look into topic like "Bhavna towards guroo or murshad" and discuss with our elders... they will tell you... :D

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Sat Sri Akal:

N30 S!NGH Ji, I am too stupid to tell anyone what words to use. Just be careful when labeling someone a Brahm Gyani...too often I go to Gurudwaras and see those words thrown around. Every kathakari is called a Brahm Gyani nowadays. I even attended a close family friend's rememberance ceremony after his funeral and someone called him a Brahm Gyani!!!

People have gotten in the habit of using that word as freely as Raagi or Granthi. So comments were addressed to them, not you.

Sorry for confusion. :wink:

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Just as a glass of water is absorbed into the ocean when poured in, the bramh giani is absorbed into nirankar. There is no difference betwen the brahm giani and nirankar. The bramh giani after meditating on the supreme lords name, finds peace and merges with akal purkh antarjami, and then, there is no difference between akal purkh and the bramh giani.

Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru

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I was listening to a tape of Maskin Ji once. He was saying that once Bhagat Kabir Ji went to meet another Bhagat (the name escapes me, apologies). He went to meet him and told his disciples to wait in the room because they were going to have a discussion. The disciples stood in the room and the two Bhagats sat silently in front of each other throughout the whole night, without uttering one word.

In the morning, the tired disciples asked Kabir Ji why they have wasted there time and not had a dialogue with another Sant. Kabir Ji said what do you mean? We talked all night, we didn't miss in any issue needed to be discussed. The disciples were astonished and asked how this was possible without speaking even once?!

A learned disciple who had understood said, the two BrahmGyani's have their own language, which we mere mortals cannot understand, they can speak without having to utter one word. Their 'Avastha' cannot be comprehended by us, only they can know their Avastha. So, it is not our place as mere ManMukhs to ascertain a Mahapurush's Avastha.

Har Ka Sewak Har Hee Jeha


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Vaheguru je ka khalsa, Vaheguru je ke fateh!!

brahm giani ke gat brahm giani janae

ive though of wat this meant

and another singh confirmed that it does not mean that only a brahm giani knows who is a brahm giani

brahm giani ke gat brahm giani janae means that only a brahm giani knows how great, beautiful, and truly supreme another brahm giani is

we cannot comprhend the greatness of a brahm giani

only a brahm giani knows that

to know who is a sant, look at the characteristics of sants in bani

how much do they love guru je

how much sewa have they done

naam will radiate off of them

and there is no difference between brahm giani and god

n30 singh wrote a post about the water thing, please go read it

in bani, even chapai sahib, it says their is no difference between god and his slaves

to their is no doubt about it

brahm giani aap nirankar

sants are great

in this age, we have belittled sants for some reason and hate them word sant

i dont y this has happened

bani tels us how great sants us

its in their sangat we can remeber guru je and god

they inspire us through thier jeevans

we shud thank them

of course guru je is greater than everyone

sant are guru je slaves, and they are happy to be that

guru je slaves are the highest of all

guru je loves his slaves more than anything

so love saints and give them respect and do their sangat

bhula chuka maf

Vaheguru je ka khalsa, vaheguru je ke fateh!

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Dont know about braham gyanis, only a braham gyani knows another braham, but maharaj ji tells us their qualities. Maharaj ji always talks about the sign of a Saint.

eih neesaanee saadhh kee jis bhaettath thareeai ||

This is the distinguishing sign of the Holy Saint, that by meeting with him, one is saved.

jamaka(n)kar naerr n aavee fir bahurr n mareeai ||

The Messenger of Death does not come near him; he never has to die again.

bhav saagar sa(n)saar bikh so paar outhareeai ||

He crosses over the terrifying, poisonous world-ocean.

har gun gu(n)fahu man maal har sabh mal parehareeai ||

So weave the garland of the Lord's Glorious Praises into your mind, and all your filth shall be washed away.

naanak preetham mil rehae paarabreham narehareeai ||11||

Nanak remains blended with his Beloved, the Supreme Lord God. ||11||


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