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When we look around the globe we would find that most of the people of this Earth are fighting in the name of Religion. Whether it is WTC episode, Afganistan, Iraq, Israel, Phelisitine or our own Kashmir.

Is Religion so important for a human that he should fight over it all his life? Is religion due to people or people are due to Religion? We use Religion as a path to True Knowledge. So why we always fight over it?

Religion was supposed to breed tolerance and patience instead it has given more suffering to human beings than any other thing in this World... Sikhism, which was supposed to be for everyone, has one of the least number of followers around the Globe. People just don't want to believe in it because it is so open in its conception.

Why humans tend to follow fundamentalism? Why can't we let someone practice religion of his own choice? How do we decide the religion of a newly born child who had been abondoned? If we can not decide what is the Religion of child then I think religion is not that much important part of life as we have made it. Everyone has his own way of attaining the True Knowledge and who are we to downgrade his or her beliefs?

A Religion should be way of life rather that the only way of living... What do you think friends... Can anybody provide anwers to all of these questions?



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Religion in the hands of blind, ignorant and greedy humans, is surely a path to destruction.

On the other side, religion as revealed by our Guru Sahibans, Gurmukhs or Sant Janas, is a path to permanent peace and immortality.

These are the differences between the ignorant humans and the all wise Sant Janas....

While the humans blindly fight and kill for ignorance as goal ..... the Gurmukhs teach us to live for Him, with our hearts full of devotion at His Lotus Feet, and have as goal at all times ....

While all humans have their so called "religions" and try to impose .....

Sant Janas say: Sabna jeea ka Iko Daata, so meh visar na jae.

And moreover: Sarab Dharam meh Sresht Dharam, Har ko Naam jap, nirmal karam.

It is something like children quarreling and fighting with their drawings of the Sun planet which was not seen by any of them, each one saying mine is bigger and better; then suddenly some Ustaad enters that room and sees the nonsense(wars, hatred, fightings) going among those children.... and tells them, stop fighting, none of your suns are true, all of them are made of paper(idol worship, perishable made of 5 tattwas), can give no light no warmth(wisdom, gyan).

If you really want to see the true Sun, come with me outside(means inside our body, nar narayanee deh) and see its refulgence/Jot and feel its heat(love/Shabad).

This above, is our story here also.

Gurmukhs of all times, kindly invite us to abandon manmat, and follow Gurmat(not as rules or rituals, but as said above, the nirmal karam of Naam Simran) at the same time, in order to truly know that True Supreme Being Wahiguru Akal Purukh, not as mere unreachable theory, but as something real, reachable and realizable.

Sat Sree Akal.

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What is a foreigner? What is religion? What is a gori and a nigger? What is Hind or Punjab?

There is only one. How can the above distinctions exist if there is only one? Manmat.

Yeah I hear that: but man made distinctions are a reality we have to deal with. Especially when they've motivated some group to go on a violent offensive against you, be this based on religion, nationalism or physical features.

If Sikhi has a 'tribalism' it is light, and inclusive and positive. (Sadly it has been twisted into some other beast by the narrow minded at the moment).

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