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Alexandra Aitken Splits From Her Sikh Warrior Husband After Just Three Years


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Jonathan Aitken's socialite daughter Alexandra 'splits from her Sikh warrior husband after just three years'

Alexandra Aitken and Inderjot Singh shocked their families when they wed in secret in October 2010

Sources claim they are now estranged, though Alexandra has declined to confirm the split

By Rebecca Seales

She was still a teenager when her father, former Conservative Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken, was jailed for perjury.

But Alexandra Aitken, now 33, made headlines of her own when she swapped her life as a London socialite to marry a Sikh warrior in India's Punjab region.

Inderjot Singh, a member of the devout Nihang sect, met Alexandra, known as Ally, at the Golden Temple in Amritsar while she was on a yoga retreat.

Though she didn't say a word to him during her week-long visit, the former 'It girl' travelled back six weeks later to declare her love. The Aitken family were amazed to learn the couple were engaged.

When they wed in October 2010 in a 4am ceremony, the marriage was witnessed by 150 holy men, and Ally's twin sister Victoria.

Ally wore a white turban and traditional shalwaar kameez for the ceremony, which she kept a secret from her parents.

When news of her marriage broke, she admitted her father and mother were initially 'shocked' and 'upset'.

She told Hello! magazine: 'When I said, "Daddy, I might be wearing a turban next time you see me", it was a bit of a shock.

'But my father loves my husband – it’s impossible not to. He’s happy for us.’

The former socialite, who once posed nude for GQ, seemed to have pulled off a complete reinvention, and devoted herself to meditation and charitable work.

She was said to be building a school in Amritsar, and a meditation centre in Anandpur Sahib, Punjab.

Aside from his religious convictions, Inderjot is the son of wealthy property developers. His brother, Amanjot Singh, has previously defended his brother's choice of bride, saying: 'He is a very intelligent man so we trust his judgment. If he wants to make a life with her then we are happy for him.'

But now reports suggest all is not well in Ally and Inderjot's Himalayan paradise, and that the couple may be living apart.

A friend of the Aitken family said: 'Alexandra and Inderjot split earlier this year. She is still a devout follower of Sikhism, but their marriage was in trouble. The Aitkens told me that Alexandra then moved to Italy.'

But if her marriage is over, it seems Ally's love affair with India is not. She is thought to have returned to the country and taken solace in the Sikh religion.

'Shocked': Jonathan Aitken (left) was initially upset to discover that his daughter (right) had married in India, in secret

Traditional: After her marriage, Ally had stopped dyeing her hair blonde and adopted a simpler lifestyle

She said in a recent interview: 'I consider Guru Gobind Singh [a Sikh spiritual leader and philosopher] my true husband.'

Asked about her reported heartbreak, Ally told The Sunday Telegraph by email: 'Forgive me. Many believe, "don't talk unless it improves on silence."'


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What makes me laugh is how the 'Daily Hate' brigade post things like:

'surprise, surprise'

'Who didn't see that coming' etc. etc.

But don't say the same with white arse celebrities who get married and very often last about as long as this.

Hypocrite mfs! lol

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So who had 3 years in the sweepstakes then? Congratulations!!

Seriously though, the comments are the same for all divorces. People saying she used to be pretty as well when she looks the bloody same. Same old, same old Daily Fail know it all commenters. One thing I will say is that if this was a Sikh girl marrying some English bloke the commenters would have been a lot less flippant and more likely to support the woman in her choice. Wonder why....

This was coming a mile off anyway, it's hard to sell $85 yoga mats and toothbrushes that are just twigs when your husband is scamming people for their land and a half-arsed property developer.

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Probably didn't work out as an relationship.. May be we are reading too much into it.. Well atleast she is attached with sikhi.. I assuming she way young for that kinda of change and when she saw him she probably thought oii hai there is my robin hood on horse he will take me away in some fantasy land.

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nihang singh rarely smiles

Depends on the quality of bhang they may take. That stuff can have you laughing and grinning like a Cheshire cat! Or so I've heard......

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