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Cold Water


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Yes, bathing in Cold Water is very good for overall health.

Yes, there is Spiritual benefit. How? Basically, anything where you tame/discipline your mind (taking control of your mind instead of working as per the instructions of mind), it would help in spirituality (in terms of strong will).

Physical effects of Cold Water Bath

ICE cold water massage which opens up the capillaries and flushes the blood from the organs to the surface to the skin, and when the capillaries close down again (that is, return to normal), that blood goes back to the organs. The heart, kidneys, lungs, liver -- each organ has its own blood supply. In this way the organs get their flushing. When the organs get a flushing, then immediately the glands have to change their secretion. It is a law. And when the glands (which are the guardians of health and life) change, youth returns.

In general, not so ice cold treatment also has a special tonic-like magic of exerting a rejuvenative and healing effect on the entire system. It stimulates circulation and increases muscle tone and nerve force. It stimulates the entire glandular system. It improves digestion and speeds up general metabolism. It will increase resistance to infections and colds, if used regularly. It has a powerful influence on the central nervous system, on the brain and on all the vital organs of the body. It increases the blood count, as shown in actual studies. It has an electro-magnetic effect on the body, stimulating the flow of life energies and increasing intake of oxygen to a remarkable degree.

Cold water can help reduce even the highest fever, relieve thirst, act as a stimulant, diuretic, and anesthetic, relieve pain, and reduce constipation, increases blood pressure, and aid the elimination of toxins from the body. Cold water is restorative, reenergizing, and helps build resistance to disease.

The temperature of the water should be as cold as you can comfortably tolerate, or within 50-65 degree Fahrenheit. Cold water bath should not be more than 3 minutes. After bath rub your body with a coarse towel and put on dry clothes without any delay. Always start the cold water bath on the right foot, far away from the heart. Moreover, if you are taking shower, regulate the force of the water stream to be as forceful as possible. The harder the stream, the greater the therapeutic value of the shower. A cold shower can be taken twice a day.

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:D Good post Das...!

It gives the Mind that discipline as you mention above.

I know a lot of dudes in the gym that use this for the same reason because it helps them push through doing more reps on the weights.

They may get to a point of exertion pain and the mind says 'stop..no more',......but they are able to push through further by taming the mind.

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I've been ending my baths and showers with a cold shower for a couple of years now, here's my personal findings:

It is uncomfortable for a while but then the opposite becomes true. There is no way I could just have a hot bath or shower now - I'd feel WAY TOO HOT.

It helps with muscle definition. The cold water seems to make muscle taut.

It does literally toughen you up. At first I'd be squirming around, now I don't. If it's especially cold, you tend to tense yourself hard. Also I think it actually decreases the sensitivity of the pain receptors on your skin - for better or for worse (I'd say better.) As a consequence you can tolerate minor wounds (like cuts and bruises) more easily.

Mentally it does a grand job to focus your brain first thing. You feel a lot more alert and fresh.

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On ‎6‎/‎29‎/‎2015 at 3:36 AM, DSG said:

one question , drinking cold water will it have similar outcome ?

No, drinking Ice Cold water is bad for health. Ideally one should have slightly warm water, otherwise one can take water at room. As a matter of fact drinking cold water is injurious to one's health a.k.a digestion, metabolism.

For more information on Water (Bathing and Drinking) the following seems to be good idea: http://satgur.net/HealthTherapy/Detail/5


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I read that drinking Ice cold water is good.

​May I know the author who said that "Drinking Ice cold water is good for health"? I pity on that author.

Drinking Ice Cold water is extremely bad for health. You may want to consult any Authentic Ayurveda, Chinese, Unani, or any time tested system and you'll learn that everyone is suggesting to have slightly warm water for drinking and cold for bathing.

Best option is to do NOT take my word for it and test it yourself: Do the following experiment: Drink Ice Cold water with your meals for 3 months straight and see how it goes.

Also, for the sake of reference, I'm including the Tips for drinking water for health:

  • Quantity: Drink 1/2 your body weight (in lbs) of water in ounces, daily.  e.g 180 lb = 90 oz. of water daily. Divide that into 8 or 10 oz. glasses and that's how many glasses you will need to drink daily.
  • Temperature: Do not drink ice-cold water; always take water at room temperature.
  • When:
    • NO water Before meals. Best is to avoid water for 1 hour before meals.
    • NO water After 15 minutes of meal.
    • Stomach full of water (1-2 glasses) After 2-3 hrs of meal. Nothing should be taken in between.
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