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I want to know if masturbation is a kurehat and requires re-baptization?

My personal Opnion- I wouldnt bother by re-baptization because amrit can not be broken that easily. However I ll defo do ardas to sri guroo granth sahib ji and ask for forgiveness whenever i m little cranky-pranky :LOL::LOL::LOL:

Hopefully more experts can enlighten us here? :LOL::LOL:

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Guest Javanmard

Nothing to worry about really> Think of a hydraulic system. When there is too much pressure you got to let it out, otherwise it's impossible to do simran with menatl images of ...... :oops: and....... :oops:

you know what I mean! :roll:

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I wonder how many amritdhari's are actually doing this??? :?:

Thats very personal question you asked. But i assure you results you might find very shocking indeed :shock: . Sexual desires its like waves in the oceans goes up and down. Unfortuantely it can not be eliminated unless you meet an bhramgyani or got pure attachment towards guroo's sahiban/akaal. Ever notice this verse in Kirtan Sohila??

Upon meetin an saint, my greed and sexual desires are smashed into pieces (Kirtan Sohila, SGGS)

You see its easy to enroll in the spirtual school(takin amrit) but its an challenge to balance 5 vices and controlling them. So its like sometimes you beat kalyug and sometimes kalyug beats you. But aim is to eliminate and root out kalyug chasing you all together. Best way to do that have pateince, read gurbani, do sadh-sangat of saints, seva which keep you occupied in an peaceful manner which is way more (infinite) anand than masturabation. Try and find out :LOL::LOL::LOL:

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Let's look at this practically, if you try to hold it in for weeks on end I have tried many a time, :wink: you become even more lustful and begin to look and lust more over girls, even in the Gurdwara's,streets and any where else.

After you've done your business, Lust doesn't become such a problem, Ie: I can talk to women without drueling over them, effectively avoiding situations where, by I could be Breaking my Rehit (this is sexual contact outside of marriage)

Basically if you do your self-seva you won't end up breking your vows to Guru ji, if you can control your self-passions then all good,but if you can't Oh Well! :LOL:

As long as you don't sleep around with people, I personally beleive that everyone has some vice that "gets them off" weather it is based on Lust,Greed,Anger,Ego or Attachment.

Also if you look at Why Guru Nanak Dev Ji Stressed the fact of married life is because with you partner you can do what you please, because it's legal.

"If I have offended anyone in this post :P "


Kaam(lust) and Karodh(Anger) are like two best friends always messing around and disturbing us, you can't beat them but you can control them.


Hooka, Halal,Hazamat,Haraam

Hooka(Tabacco),Halal(Muslim Meat,(No debate on this please),Hazamat(Removal of hair,foreskin), Haaram (Sexual Relations outside of marriage) :wink:

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SamosaSingh, from my many travels throughout the world, I have found that many amritari's/non-amritari do it regularly or irregulary, it's something that is done and not thought of.

If you can find a person who doesn't then they're lying :LOL::LOL:

Let's all get married :wink: then we may not have to, post these messages. :oops2:

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excuse me

for all the people here who do the gora act often and then try to justify it.......heres some gurbani from siddh ghost i was reading today.

SGGS p945

If one is not imbued with the Lordís

Love, nor intoxicated with His subtle essence, without the Word of the Guruís Shabad, he is frustrated, and consumed by his

own inner fire. He does not preserve his semen and seed, and does not chant the Shabad. He does not control his breath; he

does not worship and adore the True Lord. But one who speaks the Unspoken Speech, and remains balanced, O Nanak, attains

the Lord, the Supreme Soul.

BTW if you havent read siddh ghost....read it! its wicked!

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Guest Javanmard

Nice quote but a bit out of context. The retention of seed is a yogic doctrine. It is true that conserving one's sexual energy boosts your spirituality but at the same time it's bad not to let excessive sexual tension come out. According to Ayurveda, excessive retention or spilling of seed is bad for your health. :D

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Khalsa Soulja, have you ever ?

No point preaching and not practising, its a common thing that happens, I have seen the most "Gursikh" Sangat, be the most "Tung"(Sexually frustrated" mess up trying to control it and the first bit of contact with someone of the opposite sex, have ended up breaking their amrit and walk away ashamed :roll:

Kalyug will do what is does, :wink:

Two fingers to Kalyug :twisted:

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After marriage means obviously you have to direct your energys towards your partner. ie: experiance the feelings together (that is gristy to satisfy your partner to,)

Else, if after marriage your still doing it, then you one lusty soul :LOL:

Read Kirtan Sohila, Kaam(Lust) Krodh(Anger) Nagar Boh Paria(in the body) even Guru ji says it his body is full of Kaam/anger that take him away from his beloved, but then he gives you the solution, within. read it :wink:

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How often are people really doing this? daily. monthly? :LOL: Is this a common thing both in India and this part of the world? And I mean if your doing it like this then you obviously have issues of control :oops: , I mean would you want some one like this to do seva in the panj pyaree??? I hope not!!!! The thing is we really never put our faith in bani that is the real reason we need to use these outlets to release our energy.

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When the mind is in love witht he Guru. There is no sexual desire, no masturbation.. nothing.. nothing, but when it is not absorbed in devotion and love .. then anything can happen.

read Shabad Haazare. "For one moment I was seperated and Kalyug came upon"

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i honestly cant believe im reading this.

you think that a sikh who believes in guruji, is going to SEXUALLY PLEASURE himself for no reason?

just take a look back at what u are doing.

no i dont do it and i never intend to. who the fr*** are the people here???????? seriously my opinion of the people who go on this message board has dropped 10fold. ive had this convo with other gursikhs and none of them do it. its a totally gorra thing. it is mentioned in islam as 100percent haram and the same probably applies to sikhi.

kaam is hard to control but come on, your not going to have sex with someone just because you dont do dirty stuff. do you think any of the gurus ever did it? bhagats? saints? hell anyone with any sort of spiritual inclination?

guys, sort yourselves out. stop kidding yourself its ok. gorre do it, and they think its ok, why cant sikhs control themselves like muslims do!

monneh think its ok to cut their hair and justify it. peeps are doing the same thing here.

take a cold shower daily, do lots of exercise and paath, and you wont have the problem. its not exactly hard - its not like youll go crazy otherwise. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

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Anyone know what "sat kriya" is?

Its an form of yoga exercise. help you to control your sexual drives??

Apparently 3HO doin this and reciting gurmantar in the same time to control sexual desires.

I got this yoga teacher to register with us few days ago. I ll tell her to shed some light on this topic. Its an very effective exercise. :D

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Khalsa soldier you have raised some excellent points that I've never thought of.

ive had this convo with other gursikhs and none of them do it.

Don't believe that, people can't admit it because its truth,maybetoclose to home for them.

why cant sikhs control themselves like muslims do!

Were did that come from,I'm no muslim :x

daily, do lots of exercise and paath, and you wont have the problem.

Excellent,recommendation I've tried it in the past it does work, the key is to stay busy.

its not exactly hard - its not like youll go crazy otherwise. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

You must have some serious,baagti and a good rehit,just make sure it doesn't effect your marriage in the future, alot of women seek else were if the male is not up scratch. :cry: sad to say but its the truth. I know Singhs who sleep in seperate beds to their wife :oops: Ladies fear not that is like 1% :wink: the rest will be normal :LOL:

good luck my brother,I hope one day I can control my 5 friends

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The questin is not about kids. Bhagats like RAVIDAS were married twice and had 4 kids , Tulsidas was dead attached to his wife. Meeting God has nothing to do with how many kids you have. Guru Sahib has clearly said that a person who marries and remains faithful to his wife is a perfect celibate.

I dont believe inthe versions of hindu celibacy and which some gursikhs still practice by not sleeping with their wifes or having sex only for procreation.

when it comes to masturbation. There were many amritdhari sikhs during times of Guru Gobind Singh ji who got affected by kaam and were about to goto prosititute house, but Guru ji intervened in someway or other and saved them. So being amritdhari doesnt mean that you have overcome kaam. It is a slow process

as for yogic techniques and saty kriyas.. i dont believe in them. The only way to get rid of kaam is when God Himself wills it and pleases it. There is NO other way. No other effort or technique or method. This I am telling from my own experience. Having said this also doesnt mean that we should start mastubration 24 hours whenever we like. ofcourse we should control it to our max limit.. but yogic techniques are not going to work.

The only permanent cure that I know of is 24 hour absorption in love with God. When u in love with some girl in true way .. then you lust doesnt come in .. in the same if you love with God then lust wont come.

I know of people who remained for so long in love with God.. that they were not even aware that they ever had kaam in them before.

Lasatly, khalsa soulja, Muslims are the HIGHEST PERVERT PEOPLE in the world. Check out saudia arabia and middle east.

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fair enuf, muslims are dodgy........but trust me gursikhs dont do it.......y dnt u lot just STOP n not do it any more, seriously you wont turn into a pervert if you stop doing perverted things.

o and by the way i dont intend to get married, unless i find some amritdhari militant with hte same views as me (and there arent many left haha). its not that im butters :D , its just that its a distraction from the spiritual life. brahmgyanis like the gurus may have been able to keep a marriage and spiritual life, but it wud prob be harder for me.

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Sat Nam jjj, and all

N3Osingh mentioned the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, and I would like to respond from that point of view.

There is something we must always remember as Sikhs of the Guru. The question is not, How wrong am I?, but instead, How right can I become?

Sexual energy is creative energy which can be blocked in the first two chakras, (energy centers) of the body. Sexual energy is the energy to create, understood by many humans as procreation and reproduction, but understood by artists as passion for life. We all have this life essence, Kundalini energy based in our spine. When that Kundalini energy is activated and flowing smoothly, we see the world from a relaxed, focused, and energetic point of view. We can participate smoothly in conversation, in relationships, and at work, with intelligent assertiveness and a kind of sensuality that brings color to our positive interactions. When this energy is blocked in the 1st or 2nd Chakra, one can feel the need to release. To release one might either masturbate, or might find a partner to aid in that release. Neither of these two options allows one to blossom and expand. Both of these options will weaken the individual. A young man who releases with these methods stunt their power of creativity and expression.

There are things you can do to circulate this energy within yourself. Sat Kriya, as was mentioned, is a way, particularly for a man, to raise his energy and to utilize it as creative energy. You will need to locate a Kundalini yoga teacher to help you to begin, to practice the posture correctly and to learn the mantra to tune into Guru sahib first. There is a potent yoga set called “Raising the Lower Triangle to the Upper Triangle” that I highly recommend. You will feel great if you practice these Kriyas and yoga sets regularly, up to two to three times a day depending on your urges. If you have time to masturbate, you have time to meditate!

If there does come a time when you choose to pleasure yourself, we have been taught to, just after release, either completely relax for some time, and/or squeeze every part of your body, every muscle…squeeze tight. Then relax. This will help to maintain and contain your energy. Sex, in any form, should never be rushed, and this is no exception. The nervous system takes on quite a load and needs to rest to recuperate so that you don’t blow-out your system.

There is one more thing that you might find helpful. A man has one arc line. It reaches over his head. This is like an energy shield. A woman has two, one over her head, one stretching from nipple to nipple. When you embrace a woman, it is this second arc line which you notice. Since you don’t have it, you feel more complete when you are engaged with one who does. It is something similar during intercourse. Men experience orgasm as release, a planting of seed. When a woman goes through her tidings, her entire energy field expands and encompasses the man. He greatly benefits from this cushion of energy, it is very healing for him. Obviously, this cannot occur with masturbation. You lose your essence, your seed, but do not gain that cushioned comfort provided by a woman. It is a drain on your system rather than an energy boost.

I pray that these explanations are helpful.

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