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Video:Sikh Villages Now Converting In Christan Village


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Casteism is a strong factor ..overpowering poverty in some cases ..if the Jatts dont mend their ways .then Sikhi will be a minority ..i had heard of the rss and sgpc combining and bringing back many converts ..they were highly criticized by the dal khalsa stooges..

Mate, hell will freeze over way before jatts have an inkling and mend their ways. 


In the meanwhile, we'll just have to get used to the idea of Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christian Panjabis.


BTW: Rural Panjab looks like a shithole.

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It's happening in the UK just as much maybe even more. A close friend of mind converted along with his whole family (he is a choora) however a very well of choora. When he converted he gave me this BS about how sikhi is messed up you have curroption etc, I out it to him that curroption and evil people are in every religion. He seems closer to God but still....someone who ibused to see at the guru ghar now giving speeches at churches full of Punjabi's, that doesn't sit well with me.

What attracts people from the UK whoblive very good lifes to converting to Christianity. What are these missionaries offering Punjabi's sikhi can't? 


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