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adopted into a Sikh family


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waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji fateh

Hello Everyone

My name is was Robert and I am now 13 years old living in Jammu with my adoptive Sikh family, I was born in Toronto, Canada and I am of European background. I became an exchange student to India two years at the age of 11 when I got accepted into a student exchange program so that is how I came to stay with my current adoptive Sikh family. My Host Sikh family consisted of a father and mother, 2 daughter’s ages 4 and 8 and a two boys which one is my age and the other is 6 years old plus the father’s biological parents. After staying with them for four months the entire family became so fond of me that they asked me if I wanted to be adopted as their son. You see, I am a foster child back in Canada since I was two years old because my biological mother was declared unfit to raise me due to her drug addiction and severe paranoid schizophrenia, as a result the judge put me in foster care. Since my mother’s family was also not considered fit to raise me either nor did I know my father or his family as I was conceived under a one night stand  so as a result I basically said yes to my host’s family request to adopt me. It took them a year and 9 months (the paperwork was finalized on June 24) to get the paper work done so my adoption by this family would be official; during this time my hair grew down to my shoulders as I was not allowed to cut my hair while I am living with them. Anyway I am writing to say that something bad happened yesterday that put a wedge between me and my adoptive Sikh family, I got into a fight with my adoptive brother while playing video games and I accidentally tore off his patka, now my adoptive parents and grandparents are furious, they are not talking to me right now.

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Guys give it a rest. They're kids, this is what they do. No reason in putting a guilt trip on him telling him to ask forgiveness from God when he is not even a Sikh!


Y2K - Let us know how it goes. I hope you're enjoying India, - it must be quite a cultural shock for you to be living abroad at such an early age. I hope people are friendly and taking good care of you.

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They will get over it sooner or later. 

Just avoid doing it again (which I'm sure you know by now! lol). 


That being said, me and one of my brothers used in get into scraps now and then when growing up, so it's nothing shocking to me. 


Chill kid. 

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No reason in putting a guilt trip on him telling him to ask forgiveness from God when he is not even a Sikh!

​Bro, he does not have to be a Sikh, to ask forgiveness from God. Non-Sikhs can also seek forgiveness.

It is always good to seek forgiveness from God first, before the actual victim, as God resides in the victim too. When one does ardaas with full concentration and love, then God can perform miracles, which includes changing the mindset of the victim.

Bhuk chuk maaf

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Maybe you can apologize by writing a letter and letting them know you didnt have any idea...how aold are you by the way ?

​Read the first line of the OP.

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Hi guys, it has been 5 days now since I have been wearing a patka and so far everything is going great, many people (including people I do not know) have been congratulating me. However one of my adoptive brother's friends told me that he wishes that tormentors of Sikh children living in the West would be forced to live with a Sikh family in the Punjab and have Sikhism imposed on them as punishment (patka, etc), I knew he was joking but I am not so sure. 

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