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Sikh representation in UK politics


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I was quite shocked to hear there is hardly any sikh representation in federal uk politics. Why is that? Canadian sikhs are slightly more progressive in this regard, we have sikhs representation in all three major parties..great move as they say its not wise to put all your eggs in one basket.

I think sikh community expectation from uk sikh politicians are quite short sighted with few short term goals with sikh manifesto etc, its very sikh nationalist eccentric which is obviously doomed to fail as any uk mp would treat their constituents same, see their concerns equal and would hold slightly more importance to universal british values and british mainstream issues such as job, economy,  health care, military, security etc

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I think Sikhs trying to play British politics usually end up wasting their time or as tokens.

Politics here is a numbers game, and we ain't got the numbers here compared to groups like Muslims. 

I think the mainstream perception is that Sikhs just keep their heads down and get on with it. Generally we don't really have any clear political goals as a community. Although certain groups are patronised (and usually given the diplomatic run around), like we see with no movement despite over a decade of protests about 1984. 

I think that stereotype of a docile, easily outmaneuvered quom underlines a lot of the treatment we receive here? 

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Sikhs are happy with the PM or MP coming before elections to the gurughar giving them a siropa and not seeing them for the next four years...always been like this. I fOrfor one am against this BS.

No one is bothered to get the sikh voice heard, I vaguly remember this Singh from east London handing out leaflets at the nagar kirtan about Sikhs having a voice? 

Politics isn't interesting to the typical Punjabi Sikh. 


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With over 700,000 Sikhs residing in the UK, the sikh network which consists of over 1,000 members ( existing sikh organisations,human rights and political activists, lawyers,academics,researchers,journalists,public sector professionals,management consultants, marketing , PR , charity workers and students )

The Sikh Manifesto 2015-2020 is widely viewed as a crucial development reflecting the political maturity of British Sikhs. The Sikh Manifesto launched for the 2015 general election so that the main political parties seeking Sikh votes are made aware of the Sikh objectives , which in brief are


1) More effective representation in Parliament ( at the moment there is only one MP and 3 Lords representing over 700,000 Sikhs)

2)Separate Ethnic Monitoring ( Office on National Statistics (ONS) , Sikhs to be monitored as a distinct ethnic group

3)Statutory code of practice on the 5K's and Sikh Turban( prevent discrimination in the workplace and public spaces)

4)Action against perpetrators of grooming and force conversions ( as well as abandonment of the word "Asian" by public bodies and the media

5)Network of state funded sikh ethos schools ( Central and local government to support this, target is to have 25 state funded Sikh schools by 2020)

6)Monumnet in London to highlight sikh sacrifices in the first world war

7)Pressure on France to stop discrimination against turban wearing sikhs

8)Independent public inquiry into UK government actions in the lead up to and after the 1984 Sikh genocide

9)UN Led inquiry into 1984 Sikh genocide

10)Application of self determination to the Sikhs


Sikh Federation UK was launched in 2003 as the first and only Sikh political party to represent Sikh issues and concerns and also to facilitate consultations by the government and main political parties on issues of national interest.

The Sikh Council UK established in 2010 as a common platform for membership Gurudwaras and Sikh organisations to meet and discuss issues of concern.

Most recently the Sikh Network.

They also had 50 Target seats which they wanted Sikh MPs in the 2015 general election ( I dont think they got any) again due to lack of support, awareness by the Sikh Community. I personally think Nagar Kirtans are a perfect place to canvass and try to convince the Sikh Community to stand up and take part or at least support.


Above is an extract from the Sikh Manifesto which was published before the 2015 General election.



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A outspoken, confident Singh stood in the Ealing / Southall constituency. I was surprised to see the lack of votes for him.


, with candidate Virendra Sharma
, have the following results:
  • 28,147 total votes taken.
  • 65.0% share of the total vote
  • +13.5% change in share of the votes
, with candidate James Symes
, have the following results:
  • 9,387 total votes taken.
  • 21.7% share of the total vote
  • -8.1% change in share of the votes
Green Party
, with candidate Jaspreet Mahal
, have the following results:
  • 2,007 total votes taken.
  • 4.6% share of the total vote
  • +3.0% change in share of the votes
, with candidate John Poynton
, have the following results:
  • 1,769 total votes taken.
  • 4.1% share of the total vote
  • +4.1% change in share of the votes
Liberal Democrat
, with candidate Kavya Kaushik
, have the following results:
  • 1,550 total votes taken.
  • 3.6% share of the total vote
  • -11.4% change in share of the votes
The National Liberal Party
, with candidate Jagdeesh Singh
, have the following results:
  • 461 total votes taken.
  • 1.1% share of the total vote
  • +1.1
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