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Golak goes Contactless


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2 hours ago, sarabatam said:

lol its funny and sad at the same time


At my local Gurdwara, there was a Sampat Paath, where there are 6 big degs full of jall to be given to sangat after bhog. One time the jall was taken very quickly so the next time the committee decided rather to invest in more degs, to buy buy cases of plastic bottled water and give these out to the sangat after bhog of Sampat Paath.

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There is nothing wrong with it per se. There might be some people (including me) who do not like to carry cash in their wallets. For them, it provides them an opportunity to give Darshani Bheta.

But the positioning of the card reader is not that great. It might give out a wrong impression to people (including non-Sikhs). They should find a better spot for it.


Bhul chuk maaf

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On 2/17/2018 at 7:04 PM, sarabatam said:

This should be downstairs or near the office  not anywhere near the galok besides that there is nothing wrong with it. Heck I am all about new technology and new innovations in gurdwara in proper places even wondering about new Android pay option :D

Technology definitely has its benefits. Online payments can ensure reduction in theft incidents, which sadly do occur in some Gurudwaras. 

Along with that,  if most of the Darshani Bheta goes online/electronic (meaning each Bheta will have a digital footprint), it can ensure minimal misappropriation of Sangat's money.


Bhul chuk maaf

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