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Manpreet Virk - Pedo alert

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On 1/3/2022 at 8:11 AM, Premi said:

Anyone got any theories on why pedophilia develops in desis from 'back home' other than that they might have abused themselves ?

You might have nailed it. 

Unless reincarnation as a concept combined with ideas of kismet and karam lead to a convenient justification. But wasps out pedo everybody and they don't share those beliefs. So.. I think people that sick just always find some twisted justification. And that as a behavior and gene sequence both it's been raped into everybodies culture now. 

Out of my league though. Not from there and can only imagine what goes through their mind. 

Where don't they have this problem? They say the uk is the best and it's chock full of pedos and conspiracies to protect pedos. 

In fact how eye opening. The british who have a reputation, history, legacy of pedophilia all over the globe, cover up sex crimes in their country, to the extent, it makes it look like they have the best numbers. Wow. 

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