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Inside a white supremacist militia in Ukraine

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2 hours ago, dalsingh101 said:

You need to wake up a bit. There's been noise about neo-nazis in that region for years. They are integrated in the army and politics out there. We meet people from that region here all the time too. You wouldn't know sitting in India. 


Are there a lot of racists/bigots among them? What is their attitude towards Sikhs, Hindus, etc?


Bhul chuk maaf

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3 hours ago, HSD said:

If you got that where I think you did, then I have to warn you about the poster. A lot of young hairy fairies get to a point in their lives were they realise all the stories and promises they were given growing up are rubbish so they gravitate towards becoming commies or coconuts. You don’t pick up on it but that guy uses a lot of alt right buzz words and phrases: 



I’d be careful of his agenda when he posts this antisemitic stuff. 

As for Kolomoisky, it’s probably true that he funds Azov/Aidar/Dniepro/Right Sector etc. I’ll have to give a bit of background to show how this all came about. When the Soviet Union collapsed the countries that formed had to give democracy and capitalism a go. Rather than the pristine capitalism that we deal with in the West, the people there practiced capitalism as they knew it - armed thugs going around claiming things belonged to them. This is how the Soviet propaganda explained capitalists acted and so in the 90s the criminal gangs made up of various members of the old regime just grabbed farms, mines, refineries, football clubs, factories, banks and anything else that produced revenue. This is how the oligarchs came into existence. They were the guys in charge of the gangs taking over the old Soviet assets.

The reasons for Kolomoisky funding these groups is pretty simple. He made a lot of money by offering to act on behalf of Russian oligarchs in Ukraine in the 90s and 00s. When they sent him money, he just pocketed it and refused to do what he had been paid for. The Russians couldn’t touch him until 2014 when they chased the Ukrainian army out off Crimea and other parts of the country. Obviously he wasn’t happy about the idea of Russian troops near him so he funded the only lot who could offer him protection and were motivated against Russia - the Ukrainian fascists. It was a convenient arrangement as the fash were legitimised and resourced, Kolomoisky got protection as well as an armed group willing to attack his political/financial enemies. Having a Jewish backer doesn’t make these nationalist ‘battalions’ any less racist, nor is this arrangement some proof of a worldwide Zionist conspiracy to get the goyim killing each other.



8 hours ago, dalsingh101 said:



Someone posted this on another forum, what do you make of it?



Ohhh they're just pretending to be linked to nazis all over the globe. To psyche out the russians. Got it. 

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