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Try not to let go of yourself as you get older.

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15 hours ago, paapiman said:

Can you please expand on this bro? Do you think that the elites are planning to create food shortages to cause panic among the people?


Bhul chuk maaf

No we're going to suffer them as a consequence of their greed, hubris, ignorance and evil. 

We had shortages just from panic buying supposedly during covid. That means our supply chain is so stretched thin we notice changes instantly. 

Imagine what supply chain looks like when china cuts everyone off, and russia and their allies?

What does it look like when the high tech world, with no infrastructure and a huge population, get blown all the way up?

I'm telling you bro. Wells. Weapons. And farm and hunt or be ready to eat anything and everything including people. 

The pedo elite have all the resources moved, awaiting this war of theirs, and we have already been left out to starve and suffer the shame or fighting to survive. 

All predictions indicate now would be a really good time to be ready to watch the world burn. 

It's okay if you don't know what mass inflation and economic collapse mean, because the world is going to show you first hand and you will not forget. 

Every Sangat needs wells, weapons, food, and hopefully allies. Always. But right now? You buy a car, take a vacation, do anything other than buy water, land and weapons? You're a fool. 

And the only places we're doing well?! 

The epicenters of a crumbling white supremacist empire with many enemies coming to seek retribution, but when they get to our respective areas the guilty won't be there. We will. With no law. No order. And a bunch of whacked out nazi militas or various types. And no allies. 

Have I ever suggested our fellow opressed brothers and sisters of darker persuations who will face the same enemies and hate as we do?

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Only really two questions. If the battle for earth happens today, am I ready? And what side are you on boy? White supremacy, devils imperialism, or the rest of us. 

Because you can be confused, or still thinking, or have an opinion,if you want, you can think the wypipo will accept and protect you, but... the devils picked a long time ago and they want to taste your dark meat. 

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On 5/4/2022 at 6:52 AM, paapiman said:

Can you please expand on this bro? Do you think that the elites are planning to create food shortages to cause panic among the people?


Bhul chuk maaf

I don’t think the anglo elites actually want this. Chaos and control are opposites in their minds, with food security being a very important means to placate a populace whilst they get up to their dodgy dealings. 

Inflation is caused by the quantitative easing over the last decade, demand destruction of lockdowns causing supply shortages and governments putting free money in people’s pockets during covid. There is simply too much money in the economy. 

Russia and Ukraine both produce ridiculous amounts of fertilisers, food and cooking oil. Most of this is sold to the Middle East, Africa and South America. These regions in turn produce niche fruits and vegetables for the West so that people there can buy various food out of season. By buying cereals/plant oils from Russia/Ukraine cheaply and then selling exotic produce to the West it creates a positive balance of payments for these poorer countries. Russia has realised that if they cut off the supply of food it will force these countries to go back to growing their own food causing a huge effect on the food supply in the anglosphere. The disruption in the Middle East, Africa and South America will also cause huge migration waves towards Europe and North America. This will be Russia’s way of getting back at them for interfering in Ukraine.  

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