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Questions About the Nouh Nidd. (9 treasures)

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Fateh Y'all.

What are the Nouh Nidd. I know of one whihci s Mukur. Any others? and how do we obtain them? Can we obtain then in one life? Can we only open the 10th gate once we obtain them?


I dont know the names of 9 open gates...

There are nine gates in human body, tenth one is hidden. whoever finds the tenth gate merge with vaheguroo(salvation) [by doing prema bhakti]

thats what i heard from baba ishar singh ji rara walie tapes.. i m not quite sure if that line is discussed in guru granth sahib ji or not. :?

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there are 9 physical gates in the human body, there's also 9 treasures (comes in the ardaas - tegh bahadar simiriye kar nou nid...) and there's 9 emotions of man.

they all listed in prof sahib singh's nitnem steekh... either in jap ji sahib, jaap sahib or tva prasad svayye... they're the ones i've been through... i'd look it up myself, but i'm too lazy 8)

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"Pirtham bhagautee simer keh, Gur Naanak laaie sahai,

Fir Angad Gur, tey Amardaas, Raamdaas hoee sahai,

Arjan, Hargobind noo, simrao, sree Har Rai,

Sree HarKrishaan dhiaaeeai jis dithday sabh dukh jai,

Tegh Bahadur simereeai, ghaar nauh nidh aavai dhaai,

Sabh thaaee hoi sahai."

(Akali Nihang Guru Gobind Singh ji, Durga ki Vaar, Dasam Guru Durbar)

These 9 treasures...

1) Padam, (gold/silver)

2) Mahapadam (jewels)

3) Shank (delicious foods)

4) Makar (being recognised by the state, eg, a knighthood)

5) Ruchap (trade in silks and fine fabrics)

6) Mokhand (fine arts and antiquities)

7) Rund (old ornaments, and cutlery)

8) Neel (Pearls)

9) Vuch (immence Wealth through financial genuis)

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