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do we all agree that removing of any kes on ur body is a bujjar kurehit?

And atleast this is a part of the sgpc rehit maryada which u people folow..

ok.. so if its agreed

how come sikh dastaar sajaon walia bibian from uk do their eyebrows?

Removing of any kes is a bujjar kurehit

but no...people do their own manmat, its sad really.

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Sat Sri Akal:

According to Rehat Maryada, contact should be immediately severed by Sikhs with those who are definitely known to do such actions. If that was done, you would be surprised how quickly these Bibian get pesh with the Panj Pyare and mend their ways!!! BUT everyone has to simply cut contact withthem!!!

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What will cutting contact with them do? Nothing really, they will think they are being avoided, this might hurt their feelings if you know of any kurehit committing people..

But you know what, this issue can be resolved, someone should explain to them what real beauty is, and how it is stronger then artificial beauty..


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shun these bibia & u will achieve nothing - show compassion & piaar & u can change the world.

-note that this is a product of society - ideals that our fellow 'singhs' also adhere 2. don't judge this @ face value; believe it or not ur keski / pug is easier accepted by ppl within & out of our community then a women with a hairy face.

sad i know, but true all the same.

bhul chuk maaf


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yes i know some bibian in canada do it, but not the akj ones for sure, or the damdami taksaal ones...

it is some other ones.. i will not mention there names; for nindya can be very bad..

What you talkin about bro???

what this akj ones or takshaal ones??

Its human behaviour... It has nothing to do with the jatha... so dont assume that if you are in akj jatha... female are sita and males are devta...

I can sadly prove you wrong... but dont want to get into arguments...

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