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Tattooed great grandmothers, who else has them?


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In my family history I have been told by my mother that 3 of my great grand mothers had tattoos.My mothers Daadi and Nani, and my fathers Nani.My mum tells me they had them on their chins, throat, hands and other areas of body.

Now, this is kind of funny, because none of their daughters, my grandmothers and grand-aunties had any tattoos.With the exception of one grand-auntie.Don't you think it's interesting?Were these passing trends in Panjabi cultural history, or a cultural tradition?

I think it's marvellous, that my great grandmothers were so cool.Also, they would wear lots of jewellry, nose rings, many ear rings.My mother says her Nani's ears would be covered in pierced ear rings.

This is real Panjabi culture!I think our sweet ladies of the Satguru Nanak Panth, should adopt the traditional jewellry of their anscestors.

Then, I tell you, they will be like shining stars, and not frumpy shy-girls!!

Out with the frumpyness, in with the tattoos!!Celebrate your femeninety ladies!Honour your anscestral Goddesses.

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No, you don't have to deal with much physical pressure as your anscestral mothers did.They would have around 10-15 children aswell as doing all the house work.Women today complain if they have to have one child and cook a microwave meal. :roll:

Did your great grandmothers have tattoos sukhi_v?You should ask about your family history.

Teri marzi...

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chile, back in the day our grandmothers had way more help with everything than we do today. and what makes u think they didn't complain?

one of my great grandmothers actually had holes in her ears without ever getting them pierced, and i inherited that... so i guess i know a little bout my family history...

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Women in today's society also clock in the 8 hour shifts - so what is it that should make Men any less responsible for the housework?

P.S. I have seen many grand-ma like figures with tattoos of Ek Onkar ..and etc.

And also I don't get how its appealing having tattoos all over your body and piercings anywhere you can find a spot..

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this is a pretty funky tattoo...


having a tattoo is a means of expressing yourself & your individuality... just like which clothes u wear, except a little more permanent. i see it as a form of art.

if u want one, that's cool... if not, that's cool too (*cough* *cough*... sissy... *cough)


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would you consider getting one? is this against Maryada (of any sort) i had a freind told me that u can get tattoos on skin with no hair... and they dont have to shave the skin to make it smooth. would that be more acceptable?

i don't know about tattoo's being against any maryada... but then i'm not the best person to ask.

also, i doubt i'd get one... for the sole reason that if i decide i don't like it later on, it'll be hell to get off.

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If u ask me, a girl, i like myself without the tattoos and many peircings... i don't need to have that to celebrate my feminine side or honour my ancestral 'goddess" and i don't consider myself shy on a regular basis. And i think im not "FRUMPY"

i like me and maybe i don't clean or cook that often... but i do go to school study because i don't want to depend on my future husband on a good income, i want to make more money then him and afford my ownstuff... and yes call me selfish i think i can do other things than cook and clean all day... don't get me wrong i love my nani ma and dadi ma all ahead of me... they are the best and they make ends meet! but the worlds changed and so has its people... there are different needs and different world!



keep on smiling:)

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thaz right woman powaaaaaa bruahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

..sh*t i seriously don't see how u guys .....find an obsession with gas so freaken i dont know like gold - its plain gross & immature...and then now u guys find tattoos and piercings attractive...f***, where's da world going to??

well piercings are against the conduct of a sikh, as sikhi believes we should try to remain as pure as possible- ....so i am assuming since tattoos are an extra thing which the body does not need for survival, that they are not permitted...

(i may be wrong)

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