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Issues with malton gurdwara and dixie gurdwara....

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Gurfateh members of toronto,

I would like to know what kinda issues/conflicts malton and dixie gurdwara having.

Most recent one was over nagar kirtan which they had to involve akaal takth jathedar into it! (Thats what i heard atleast)

Please enlighten the sangat of what are the issues and possible resolutions on these issues...

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why do you wish to know the negatives that our gurdwaray go through?

Why not??

I go there once an while. We(sangat) has very right - whats goin on in the gurdwara??

I heard from this old enemy of mine "pandit" who was a rss paid agent online and said they got already got some indian gov't daie bandaie in dixie gurdwara. He told me - what happens behind the scene at dixie !? How they drink darru and stuff..

It all may be fabricated stories but one thing for sure. I dont think dixie is using sangat's money productively. Just look at the recent hansra scam.

So back to my orginal post. Does anyone have resolutions to these issues that gurdwara's of today are facing.

It reminds of an sakhi in baba mann singh divan. He said it well-

He goes-

Khalsa Ji, there was time when gurdwara's were not strong but faith and love of the sikhs towards guroo was very strong now its opposite. Gurdwara's are stronger built with fancy architecture but sikhs of today are mayadhari's disguise in guroo's roop- Keshdhari/AmritDhari Sikhs.

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Being closely tied with both Gurdhwaray I can say this much about the politics...ITS OVER RATED..

Most often by opposing political parties....The Hansra "scandal" was made big by Ajit. Ajit and Sanjh Severa are some long time rivals in the Toronto area. Ajit a little while ago ran some negative political cartoons about Hansra, which led only to escalate this rivalary. Being a big part of Dixie, this may or may not have shaken things up there. In the end its better to let things play out then start making our own assumptions as to whats really going on.

As per Malton and Dixie. Again Malton and Dixie have had conflicts since as far as I can remeber. Although admittly not knowing much about these, they really only involve around a few.

As per things now, well Maltons comitee re-structured in the last little while. So we should be seeing some "physical" changes soon. Most notable one is the new washrooms being installed.

Both Gurdhwara's are safe and attract somewhat "different" types of Sangat each good in its own right. Dixie's by most rated the second best Gurdhwara in Canada, second to Singh Sabha in Abbotsford B.C. It's the biggest land wise.

If you really want the 'negatives', then you may want to look at the work/writings of Prof. Uday Singh. I may have mixed up names but I'm reffering to the author of the book "Keski Kakaar Hai". At the back they pretty much let loose on a lot of the Gurdhwara commitee's, and try to show how they are parts of Anti-Gurmat activities. Although I wouldn't deem this as a trustworthy source, it may satisfy your thirst for some info on the comitee's.

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I don't ..agree with the animals..:D:D

Wot good will it do - if these problems aren't addressed in the public..and worked on in masses..

Every place of worship has its issues/problems , etc. to be dealt with.

Sikh gurudwareys aren't the only one..

And only way these things are to get any better is ..if you get majority involved.:D

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i disagree Rupy ji... with all due respect... the majority of Sikhs these days tend to be "Sikhs"..... if you know what i mean. i don't wanna explicitly elaborate on that.. but the majority is not the safest bet for our gurdwaaray today

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and your jokin me ..about you having one?!

hehe! Rupy u so mean! but the truth always hurts...

newho. back on topic...

as far as i'm concerned, u should use the resources available at both gurudwarey and enjoy the keertan at both as well. i don't know much about the politics and i think i'd like to keep it that way. the only politics i'm interested in is if there's stuff goin on that shouldn't be happenin in terms of Gurmat and Rehit Maryada. i don't wanna know bout the he-said-they-said politics goin on between those 2 gurudwarey.

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