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Power Of Amrit

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When Bhai Jeta Ji came from Delhi with Guru Tegh Bahadar Ji’s severed head to tenth Guru, the Guru asked, “Oh Bhai Jeta, tell how many people gathered at Chandi Chownk, to see my father be beheaded?”

Bhai Jeta replied,

“There were hundreds and thousands.”

Guru Ji then asked, “How many Sikhs of Guru Nanak were standing in the crowds?”

Bhai Jeta Ji with tears in his eyes replied,

“Oh Guru Ji, I couldn’t recognise who was a Sikh or who was not a Sikh, there were thousands of people but I couldn’t see any Sikhs distinct from the crowd.”

The tenth Guru replied,

“Don’t worry, I will soon give the Sikhs, such a beautiful distinct image that my Sikhs will be recognised in crowds of thousands and throughout the world.”

Amrit derives from two words, ‘Am’ and ‘Mrit’.

‘Am’ means water. ‘Mrit’ is making a dead person alive.

‘Amrit’, the water, which makes a dead person alive.

When Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave the Sikhs Amrit he made the dead people alive, he instilled a new lease of spirit, which transformed sparrows into hawks, and made the Sikhs fearless of death.

In 1739 Nadir Shah came from Afghanistan and invade, plunder and loot India.

As the army entered through Panjab, the Sikhs would attack the armies at night time.

The Sikhs would raid their looted wealth and riches.

The Sikhs would free the innocent Hindu sisters and mothers and return them to their respective homes.

Nadir Shah asked Zakriya Khan, the Governor of Panjab about the Sikhs.

“Who are these people who dare to attack my soldiers and plunder me”, he asked.

Zakriya Khan replied,

‘These are the followers of man called, ‘Guru Nanak’, their homes are their saddles and they visit their holy shrine in the middle of the night and disappear before the first light of day.’

Nadir Shah asked, ‘What gives them their strength to dare to challenge me and my large armies?’

Zakriya Khan replied,

‘Their Guru has given them Amrit, ‘the water of immortality’, those who drink become fearless of death’.

Nadir Shah with curiosity said,

“How do you know this?”

Zakhriya Khan replied,

“Those people who used to walk pass me, with their head down and would say salaam,

Those same people after taking Amrit, they still walk pass me, but now they don’t hold their head down, now they don’t say salaam, instead they walk pass, looking into my eyes. You are one King, but they are all Kings.”

If an old man takes Amrit, he becomes fearless of death, like Baba Deep Singh at the age of 75 who died fighting with his head on hand.

If a young child took Amrit, he becomes fearless of death, like Sahibzada Zorawar Singh, at the age of 8 he didn’t lower his turban to Wazir Khan and instead was bricked alive with his younger brother.

If a woman takes Amrit, she became fearless of death, like Mata Bhag Kaur who led 40 Sikhs into victory in battlefield against armies of thousands.

Would you stay Nir-gura (without a Guru) till you die? Or would you like to take the gift of Amrit and become the Sikh of the Guru?

Have you felt the ‘Power’?

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N3O singh ji ,

very well said .

There is no mukti without taking the amrit of guru Gobind Singh Ji maharaj . Before a person can achieve salvation he has to be born as a singh , take amrit and then get mukti .

For eg . Suppose there is a very high spiritual saint or fakeer who happens to be a muslim , he is near to achieve mukti . but he will take the amrit of guru ji . This is an order By the Almighty god to all his bhagats and saints those who love him , no matter if they are hindu , muslim to take amrit .

do you know that even bhagts like kabeer ji , namdev jee etc . have taken amrit from the guru gobind singh ji themselves .

the importance of the amrit can not be written or explained . it has no end .

don't you think that amrit is nothing . a person gets amrit after a lot of his "puns "(good deeds) from his previous births .then he gets the amrit .and if he follows the rehat , there is no one like him .he gets mukti .

even rishis munis from satyug , treta and semi gods and goddesses long for this amrit . it is so important .

jo nar mun jan amrit khojde so amrit gur te paya .

They are like the son of a prostitute, who does not know the name of his father.

baysu-aa kayray poot ji-o pitaa naam tis jaa-ay.

guru ji forbids us to take even water from the hands of the ni gura purash.

so pyareo take amrit , it's the only way to mukti

bhyi prapat manukh dehuriya gobind milan ki eh teri bariya

The faithless cynic is nameless, like the prostitute`s son. ||3||

saakat baysu-aa poot ninaam. ||3||

Like the son, born into the house of a prostitute, his name is cursed.

ji-o baysu-aa kay ghar poot jamat hai tis naam pari-o hai Dharkatee. ||1|| rahaa-o.

Those who do not have the Name of their Lord and Master within their hearts, are the most wretched, deformed lepers.

jin kai hirdai naahi har su-aamee tay bigarh roop bayrkatee.

Like the person who has no Guru, they may know many things, but they are cursed in the Court of the Lord. ||1||

ji-o niguraa baho baataa jaanai oh har dargeh hai bharsatee. ||1||

so bhai guru wale bano taan ki tuhade gal vich vee guru ka pata paye ate apne pita ( Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj )da naam das sako .

amrit peevho sada chir jeevho har simrat anand ananta

amrit naam nidhan hai mil peevho bhai

power of amrit is beyond imagination .

if a gursikh (amritdhari)commits any misatake or a sin and he had to take birth again then he will not go into the gera of 84 lakh joon , but he will again be born as a gursikh in a gursikh family and given a chance once again to fufill his mission ( mukti)

eh jo amrit di maryada Guru ji ne chalai hai , eh Nirankar di maryada hai ate brahmnda khanda vich chaldi hai hai ate sarean noo hi follow karni paindi hai. so bhai amrit shako , guru wale bano ate jeevan safla karo . eh moka baar baar nahi auna

bhul chuk maaf

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Karamjeet you are wrong in this.

Bhagat Kabir, Baba Farid, Bhagat Namdev and all bhagats in sggs ji took amrit or any other intitation from their murshad(gurdev) not Satguroo gobind singh maharaj .

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Karamjeet you are wrong in this.

Bhagat Kabir, Baba Farid, Bhagat Namdev and all bhagats in sggs ji took amrit or any other intitation from their murshad(gurdev) not Satguroo gobind singh maharaj .

veer ji , it is really true that all these bhagats took initiation from their murshad during their time when they were in panj bhootak chola . they did not take amrit . this maryada of khande bate da amrit was not developed at that time .

but as you know these bhagats and brahmgyanis are not gone anywhere . they r all amar and present . so when Guru Gobind Singh Ji started this maryada , all the bhagats and other saints or puratan sikhs who had not taken khande bate da amrit previously , came to take this amrit iand follow the Maryada Of Almighty GOD .

some of them came by taking births as gursikhs during guru ji's time , some of them came during the time of great Brahmgyanis either in the panj bhootak chola or in the spiritual form .

i got this infurmation from the kathas of Sant Kartar Singh Ji , giani thakur singh ji .

bhul chul maaf

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go to gurmatveechar.com

and under the kathas section go to sant kartar singh ji

then "raj karega khalsa " ,

or giani thakur singh

listen to whole japji sahib katha , (lots of information )

and maybe katha of sukhmani sahib and rehraas sahib .

it would be good if u take out some time and listen to all his kathas

bhul chuk maaf

wjkk wjkf

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so u mean to say that neone who is non sikh cannot make it to Akal Purakh? i thought the the uniqueness of our religion was that we believe ne highly spiritual person with love for God from ne faith can make it to God. Doesnt that mean that we believe the same stuff as the Muslims then that all others r infidels?

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I'd suggest you to read Undithi Duniya by Bhai Sahib Bhai Randhir Singh Jee (you wouldn't wanna refute his words now would you?). He talks a lot about after life, and what happens to those who die without Amrit. It doesn't directly say anything about non-Sikhs in general, just tells that those who forsake the Lord are doomed. It has real images of the after life, and Bhaisahib makes it clear that nothing in Gurbani is used as a metaphor. Heaven, hell, jamdoots, dharamraj, chitar-gupt, all these are very real and do exist. And yes, if you read it, you WILL want to take Amrit as soon as possible.

WARNING : This book can be scary for some people. It will freak you out, depends upto what extent and how you take it.

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sat shri akal ji

u r right

as after having amrit paan i am bold and confident

as i also heard in my childhood

living a life is a falsehood and dieing a death is truth which our guru sahib ji wants to remind us everytime that after death when dharam rai ji will ask us what have u done in your whole span of life we will be unanswerable as we never had his sangat

and yaa i remember one katha been told by one sant mahatma ji i dont remember his name but i remember his teaching it was when we r born before that we are in our mother stomach and hanging upside down there with very bad surroundings i should say thats the real hell as guru ji describes because we never know about the next pal we will be alive or dead and at that time we pray and promise lord waheguru ji that please save and protect me let me see the outside world by my own eyes and he grants us this precious life of human being only at one condition that we promised him that we will never forget his naaam and will always praise his words untill we die but as soon as we come into being we just forget him and thats it start doing all sins and just abide our guru ji thats the reason when the baby is born he should have amrit paan and should be shown the true path of lord waheguru ji as there after it will be too late to handle the sitution acc to me aas been told by guru ji

i like to listen katha and try to follow it to its extent and that was the day i get inspired of having amriot paan My father was really upset from my decision but Jo Tudh Bhave Soi Thisi and i am proud of my lord waheguru ji that he gave me strenght to face the situation at that very moment thats all for now

waheguru ji ka khalsa

waheguru ji ki fateh


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I cant believe what u people are doing, im sorry and i understand ur intentions are good, u u are talking with prde and ego, as if u know how to achieve mukti and as if u have a good reason of wanting to achieve it and then u try and put your thoughts on to others and if they ask simple innocent questions u batter them with your harsh words, telling them to be ashamed of themselves...

Before u speak out and act as if u are a leader u should have humility in everything u say, i myself am a believer and i believe i love God, i am not the greatest, i am nothing but i listen to my heart in every thing that i listen to with sacret texts...

My heart is where God lives and i feel i have connected with my heart, i feel God tells me wrong and rigt through it, for all of u who said that mukti can not be achieved without the amrit id like to say that u are quiet old to say that, since when does mukti have anything to do with the phisical state, since when can a person not be a beloved of god and achieve mukti in his present state without amrit, who says that without amrit a man cannot conquer his fear of death. I know that Guru Gobind Singh Ji gave us amrit and an identity to to unite and defend our faith with as well as protect others, and i respect and admire all those who have continued to join his khalsa, but i know amartari sikhs who dont have any amrit in them and dont have mukti within there state now and Godforbid, but dont seem like there going on the right path to multi here on after either, Mukti is freadom, whether that means freedon on earth from maya and the world, or freedom from thius world once we pass and are free to unite with God, yet i know that i have seen people who are not amrit shak that are very good people, and are people who i beleive can achive mukti, mind u i havnt seen many of these people, but not alot of people are at that leval i guess and its a hard thing to achieive, but i speak to God i feel him there, and i feel him loving me and helping me out in life and being there with me, and im not amrit shak either, i ahve never read in the Guru Granth Sahib that one has to be amrit shak in order to achieve mukti, so plz be careful of what u say, with all humility realizwe that ur words influence those who are trying to learn and dont know, and what u say might not neccasairly be true...

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Jasvir ji,

Whether people who become amritdhari act in evil ways, or whether people who haven't act in good ways has nothing to do with whether or not we need Amrit. The ones who are saying that Amrit is a requirement is our Guru himself, in his bani, and the Guru's saints and bhramgyanis in their katha.

This world is a game, and in the Gurdwara sangat we see a whole spectrum of people - this is Kalyug, appearances don't tell us who is good or bad. But even in the Guru's time there were sikhs in the Guru's roop who betrayed their own Guru, the Guru did not change the requirement for Amrit.

Hope you keep posting your questions / comments.

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