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Raksha Bandan(Rakri) & Nihangs...


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I was just talkin to freind of mine talking about rakhri and its significance in Sikh Culture... ... he just mentioned that Nihangs celebrate Rakhri...i was quite suprised... is this true? If this is true then please enlighten the sangat ji with the significance of it?? :D

Thanks in advance purkho :D

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i think rakhri is a custom in hindus , but i have seen almost all of my relatives who have i ever met ( sikhs ,sehajdharis) practising this custom of rakhri . i do n't think there is anything wrong with it .

i have evn heard once Sant Ishar singh Ji rare sahib wale got a rakhi tied from a little girl .

what has nanaksar to do with it ? its not a different sect that its custom will be different from sikhism .

The sole purpose of Nanaksar when Baba Ji started it was to do bhakti of Guru Nanak (nirankar ) and not to talk about any other worldy matter and doing beant akhand and sampat paths for the bhala of sarbat (whole world ) there is never an ardas done for anybody in the bhogs of paths . its done for chardikala of the whole worl d.

wjkk wjkf

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The concept of Rakhri is very much a kyshatriya concept, and yes it is practiced by many (not all) Nihang Singhs. Some even tie rakhris to their weapons, horses, nishaan sahibs..etc.

Symbolic of affection, bandagi and devotion.....in the past women tied rakhri on their husbands to wish them good luck in battle or hazardous journeys, sisters tied it on their brothers for good luck. At the end of the day affection and devotion is expressed in a myriad of forms...thats the beauty of humanity as created by Akaal Purakh..

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Guest Sardar Moderator Singh

Akali Sodhi and Beast, please can you both refrain from cursory comments such as above (kept on the forum for purpose of example) and contribute constructively.

The "Khalsa" Fauj, please could you seek to actually present something by way of tangible evidence for all your statements (i.e 10-odd that you made last night between 10pm-11pm BST), which despite their outrage for some, have been permitted on this occasion for discussion.

Anymore frankly 'Kala-Afghana' type statements from you and you can go the same way that the RSS on this forum go -OFF!

If it is so hard for people contribute constructively, please remain silent.



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this was before sikhi even came on earth

i think the story behind it was a hindu king , before any woman got married they had to have se* with him first

so one day, this brother got angry with the idea that his sister had to have it with the king

so he went on a mission to kill him and succeeded

and so in thanking him, hissister tied him a string around his wrist

now this hindu concept has nothing to dowith sikhi, rakahri is always been the hindu tradition, but becoz of sikhs who have converted from hinduism , they have also brought these customs along with them, but its got nothing to do with being a sikh

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Why do people worry so much about such little things. To me its much more cultural. My family does rakri every year, we have been doing it since before my parents were married. To me it just represents the love between a brother and sister.

Also to all those people that are saying it is not a Sikh practice and should be discontinued: These people just piss me off because they complain about shit like this not being Sikhi, but then they aren't perfect Sikhs.

Example: ALL of my cousins in America don't celebrate rakri anymore because they went to Sikh camp one year and were told it is an un-sikh thing to do. They come home and tell their parents that and the parents are so proud! To me that is bullshit, cause my cousins think you shouldn't celebrate rakri if you are sikh, but you can certainly drink, not to patdh, lie to your parents, and not to seva!

I mean people place too great of an emphasis on little things that do no harm, but don't care about the main things.

Sorry about the rant..just had to vent.

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I have nothing to do with kala afgana. He has many issues within himself. He changes his views everytime. He says everything is brahmnical. Don't compare me to kala afgana. kala is not the only one opposing chariters and other banis in dasma granth.

Those who oppose some banis in Dasam Granth

Educational Boards

Sikh Missionary College

Chief Khalsa Diwan

Khalsa Panchayat

Sikh Virsa International (publisher of Sikh Virsa)

Tat Khalsa

SGPC scholar board has clearly stated that tria chariter is not Guru kirt

Punjab University

Scholars and Mahan Individuals

Pri. Harbhajan Singh

Giani Gian Singh (Panth Parkaash)

Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha (Mahan Kosh)

Prof. Darshan Singh Ji (Mahan Keertanee-aa, katha vaachak and former Jathedar of Sri Akaal Takht Sahib)

Bhai Aardhaman Singh Baagria (Sikh Scholar)

Giani Gurmukh Singh

Prof. Gurmukh Singh

Giani Bhag Singh

Bhai Deedar Singh (Mississauga)

Bhai Dalbir Singh

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i'm sure that they have their own reasons to dispute whatever is written in Dasam granth.

but that doesn't mean that they discourage u from learning from it.

Khalsa Fauj, u seem to be intelligent enough to have gathered information from a variety of sources. u should also be intelligent enough to understand that educating oneself isn't a sin.

as for the issue of rakhri.

i also went through a phase where i refused to tie it on my brother cuz i wasn't too sure about how i felt bout it. but i've come to realize that it's just a cultural thing that our families do.

a lot of people rant and rave about how rakhri is a Hindu custom, and that it degrades the respect women have and how it shows that women are inferior to men and a WHOLE load a b.s.

but in the end, they're all forgetting one thing: that rakhri isn't really about a crapload of political issues, it's about the love between a brother and sister. it continues the ties of family even when things aren't so great.

as always, everyone's entitled to their own opinion on whether they think it's sikh enough. but to me it's boiled down to being a cultural issue. i do it cuz i'm a Punjabi kuri and i luv my brother. and i personally dun think that there's anything about this cultural tradition that interferes with my religion. so there.

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Prof. Manjit Singh when he was jathedar of Sri AKal Takht Sahib had decided to call all sampadvas and scholars to remove anti-gurmat bani from dasam granth so we could have same parchaar from everyone but he was taken off as Bhai Ranjit Singh came out of jail. After that, we all know what has happened. All the controversies, all the hukamnamas, new jathedar every few months or years. badal runnig the show, etc. etc.

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