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at least im keeping my nose clean :twisted: , ""puts his bogies on sukhi's hairy back,"" hehehe , try and take them off

aiiyoo Amrik. how many times do i gotta tell you NOT to spread your germs on other people. that wasn't me. that was beast. :shock: not that it matters, he's full of it anyways.

goddamit sukhi, brush ur teeth!

lolssss :LOL: , colgate baartala

colgate? oh god no! Crest is where it's at my friend.

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i'm already in canada, u goof. lol...

but thanks for the offer. i'll be sure to bore you out of your mind. oh but wait, tha's not possible. i forgot. you're already outta your mind. :P


(i did say summat else in Punjabi abt ur kismet being crap, but writing it down looked a bit gay)

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