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What to do?


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By Guruji's Kirpa I have decided to tak up Amrit this Visakhi...BUT...my parents :shock: :shock: :shock: are like...this would limit ur rishtas etc.etc. So,shd I go against them and Chak Amrit...What to do??Please advice... :cry: :cry:

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Just make sure you're honest, genuine and truthful with yourself with regards to the reason(s) why you wish to pursue such an action. Regret can be painful and can lead to self-denial...worse, it can aid destruction of conscience.

btw, its not you who decides anything - its up to Guru Maharaj to bless you with Amrit. Amrit is one path of many; not the consequence of the inevitable.

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googly, i can understand exactly what you're going through.

first of all, imma give you a big hug. (big hug) good on you for finally making the decision.

moving on...

you said that your parents brought up things like "this would limit your rishtas" and blah blah blah.

it doesn't really sound like your parents have actually said "NO! no way, jose (pronounced "hose ay")!" it sounds more like your parents are concerned with whether there may be regrets involved on your part once you take it.

i think your parents are right to be concerned because everyone wants to know whether their son or daughter is going to be strong enough to uphold their commitment to their Guru.

but... i think that you should speak to your parents about your decision and ease their fears.

you're going to get married no matter what happens, regardless of whether you've taken amrit or not.

and how is taking amrit really going to limit your choices in marriage if the person you get married to is eventually going to have to accept you as an amritdhari Kaur? how is this going to limit your choices if the one you want to marry should be at that same state of mind and have the same lifestyle that you want anyways?

i think you're gonna be okay with taking amrit and getting married. but just make sure you include your parents in this decision and explain to them that the one you marry would have eventually had to accept you as a Kaur. and they wouldn't want to marry you off to someone who would never have accepted you as such, right?

so there's nothing to worry about then...

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

Googly Kaur my parents were tellin me not to take amrit as they thought that rishtas would decrease but in fact I get more due to being an amritdhari. I leave it to Waheguru Ji, if you are going to marry you are going to marry.

Look at the late Praveen Babi.

BTW when my parents said that I may want to marry a guy who I find drinks alcohol, I told them I didnt want to get married to a man that drinks etc etc so by taking amrit I am ensuring that I only get rishte from those that I want.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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