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Raag basant darbar

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Sikhi is a celebration of life. The Sikh Gurus

realized that music as a spiritual medium can elevate

the soul beyond mere words alone. They enshrined that

celebration of life through their musical poetry

(Gurbani), that appears in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Along with outstanding poetry celebrating life and

Akal Purakh, the Gurus also provided detailed musical

instructions within Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Gurmat Sangit is the rich musical tradition that

evolved out of a practice dating back to the time of

Guru Nanak and his musician companion Baba Mardana.

Subsequently the tradition developed as a result of

public performances, at gatherings known as

Guru-ka-Darbar, of singing Gurbani. Over the last

several decades, a large majority of the Sikh

community has lost touch with this aspect of their

rich musical heritage. Yet with the Guru’s Grace, the

practice of this divine art form is being revived by

those who want to preserve the Guru's precious musical

gift to humanity.

Gurbani is sung in Guru-ka-Darbar according to the Rag

that the Gurus felt best invoked the feelings that

they wanted to convey, the wisdom they were imparting,

and the experience they wanted to share. The classical

instruments used from the time of the Gurus to the

early parts of the 20th century in the performance of

Gurmat Sangit are unique South Asian string and

percussion instruments, some of them even being

invented by the Gurus themselves.

The Gurmat Sangit Darbar which is being held on March

12th, 2005 is a tribute to the Guru’s tradition in

which spring is celebrated. In the world of Gurmat

Sangit there is an enduring tradition in place,

according to which it is customary to sing Raga

Basant, Bahar and their variants beginning on the

first day of the month of Magh, which occurs mid

January, to Holla Mohalla, which occurs on March 14th

according to the Nanakshahi calendar. Rag Basant

invokes a feeling of freshness, energy, and

revitalization. It uplifts not only people but the

whole environment when sung in its many forms

including: Basant Bahar, Puratan Basant, Basant

Hindol, Buddha Basant and other variants.

Come and be moved by the legacy that has shaped a

religious tradition and nation of people for over five

centuries. In addition to Kirtan performed according

to proper Rag format, there will be displays set up

and short presentations to help develop a greater

appreciation of Gurmat Sangit. It will definitely be a

unique event, one that you don’t want to miss!

watch out for the poster :)

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This event was a great access.. kirtan was really nice...I ll put few amateur kirtan video's taken by me on that event in the month of april .. i can't upload them in this month because of bandwidth restraints..however audio recording for this event will be available for the sangat shortly at - >>>> www.gurmatsangeetproject.com <<<

so check out that site often to download audio high quality raag kirtan basant darbar.

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