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Puratan Raagis

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U know wot hearing some of the tunes in kirtan nowadays is painful. Thats not to say that all 'modern' kirtan tunes are baqwaas but...

No one can beat the puratan raagis man -

Bhai Samund Singh

Bhai Bakhshish Singh

Bhai Chattar Singh

Bhai Gian Singh Jogi

Bhai Pritipal Singh + Bhai Mohan Singh

Bhai Dharam Singh Zakhmi

vah ji vah - those were raagis - vah vah


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You really like Bhai Bakshish Singh ji's kirtan? Far too super mithi for me. You should get hold of the HMV gurbani kirtan collection, there are some beautiful recordings on there, especially Singh Bandhu singing some pauris of Sri Japuji Sahib which is incredible and heart breaking.

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when I think puratan raagi's.....

I think of bhai avtar singh

santa singh..delhi wallay

hari singh....

shamsher singh zakhmi

speaking of Bhai Avtar Singh Ji, I received an email which states that Bhai Avtar Singh Ji will be here in Toronto from May 2 - 20 at Rivalda Rd Gurudwara and various other gurughars.....................

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Here are other names: Bhai Surjan Singhji Raagi, whose Aasa di Waar remains alive till today since long long ago. Similarly is Bhai Gopal Singhji Raagis' name. There were also great great puratan raagis.

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