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Rare picture- Sant Jarnail Singh with Gorra Singh


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Check this out...same people say he is shiv charan singh... now lives in uk:

This is wicked..never knew gorreh singhs were there with sant ji in dharam yudh morcha.

Beautiful :)

on the far right---


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vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh

yea this is not bhai shiv charan singh, but we have a booklet done by the 3ho which shows a jatha of 3ho's with Sant Gyani Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale Jathadar Damdami Taksaal which must have been in the yearly 70s. The usa sikhs had meet both the Taksaali singh's and the singh's of the AKJ.

those where the days when the panth stood Tall and Strong


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