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'Jo Bole So Nihal' Upsets The Sikh Community

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Lately, Bollywood has completely been humiliating us and it just gets worse. I watched a movie called Bewafa where a "monay" couple does mool mantar in front of a picture of Guru Nanak Dev Jee Maharaj, then they take degh without covering their head, and then the next scene they are all drunk dancing like fools. Now there is a brand new movie coming out with Sunny Deol, a punjabi actor who should understand enough about Sikhi to not be doing what he is doing. The movie name is "Jo Bole So Nihaal".

He is a Singh in the movie and he has a trimmed beard. He associates with less than half dressed woman and its just all an insult. Jo Bole So Nihal seems to be abounding in "drama, action, thrills and sex."

The president of the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee, Bibi Jagir Kaur spoke against this movie. She has asked for immediate removal of some scenes that misrepresent the Sikh religion. At the same time she has spoken with the Minister of Communication and Publications, Mr. Jaipal Ready, asking him to take legal action against directors who use religion or religious symbols as a means of humour in their movies. This humour may seem funny to some; however, it hurts the image and the hearts of many people.

The name of the movie 'Jo Bole So Nihal' is infact a religious slogan very close to the Sikh hearts, however, the movie is anything but religious. Such titles misguide the viewers. From the posters, which show images of half clad women, to the soundtrack, which used quotes from Sikh Scriptures; this film has nothing to do with the Sikh religion. Many Sikh organizations have spoken up against this movie and have asked that the name of the movie be changed right away; otherwise the movie will not be allowed to play in any theatres or cinemas.

One of the organizations that have spoken out against the movie is the Sikh Students Federation. Federation spokesmen, Bhai Gurcharan Singh Grewal and Bhai Paramjit Singh Khalsa said that if this movie were made to hurt the pride of millions of Sikhs, they would not let that happen.

Samita Bangargi, a bollywood actress was quoted as saying, "… I'm ambitious, but also very firm on my principles. I was offered Rahul Rawail's 'Jo Bole So Nihal'. But it had big-time smooches and bikinis. Wearing any kind of clothes isn't a problem. But I have to be convinced why I'm doing what I've to do." This further provides evidence that this soon to be released movie, is far from being a religious film.

The punch line "No if...no But...sirf Jatt", is a direct hit on Sikh values, where Sikhs today are trying hard to get rid of the caste system. The movie is about an innocent and lovable Sardar, who has a trimmed beard in half the movie and is clean-shaven in the rest. The words innocent and lovable describing a Sardar in a bollywood movie starts ringing warning bells, and Sardar jokes start coming to mind.

A mastermind that terrorizes people around the world tricks the Sardar constable, played by Sunny Deol. Because of this criminal, the whole village goes against the Sardar. As the master mind moves to New York, the FBI come to find the character played by Sunny, since he is the only one who will recognize their criminal by face. It iis not very surprising that the FBI agent is a hot young Indian woman, who has no problem at all showing some cleavage while she flashes her badge. The movie continues with Sunny and the FBI getting together to find their perpetrator.

The soundtrack of Jo Bole So Nihal contains songs such as "Main Yaar Punjabi Jatt, fix kardhoon tere nutt" and "Raath Kuch Aur Thi, Savera Kuch Aur, sabh kuch loot ke lagayea ik chor" as well as the title song "Jo Bole So Nihal" which contains lines from different shabads aswell. While singing this song Sunny looks lovingly at his co-star who is dancing beside him in a miniskirt.

Sikhs all around the world have raised their voices against this movie. Let’s put a stop once and for all to Bollywood and their misrepresentation of Sikhs. We ask all Sikhs to boycott this movie. A fellow Sikh said it perfectly, "shall we sit quietly and watch them making us fools or shall we act together and let them make know we are not going to sit quite every time?" Let your voice be heard!

What you guys reckon we can do? Together we could make something happen. Suggestions :?:

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Veer-Zaara was stupid, i think its alot to do with who is financing these flims, i've read that 60% of Bollywood films are financed by the mafia underworld, this includes the worlds most wanted gangsters such as Ibrahim Dawood & Mirchi, as they finance they have a say as to what is to be shown and whats not, Bollywood is a dirty industry, which is why trash like jo bole so nihal is being produced.

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Guest Javanmard

Stop dreaming about Bollywood. Yash Chopra is just simply an idiot and his movies should simply be properly cussed for being vehicles of stupid stereotypes. Unfortunately our community still hasn't learnt that in order to make a point you need to have more class that Yash Chopra and these other jokers. A proper movie on Akali Baba Phula Singh (not Banda Bahadur!!!!), shot with a proper budget and good actors and nice photography could do much to invert the situation!!! But it seems we are happy with watching movies on Sikhi where some guys play gatka with plastic swords and the Khalsa Fauj is reduced to 15 horses and soldiers who still wear their watches.

If you really want to make a difference, instead of winging like a little spoilt brat beat Bollywood on its own field: study film-making at university, take acting classes, learn photography and make movies that will make everyone admire Sikhs as long as it doesn't become one of these SGPC-AKJ propaganda for heresy and blasphemy!!! Then you will make Yash Chopra and people like him look ridiculous!!!

Stop winging, start acting!!!

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I'm not winging, your thinking long term, think short term. I agree we should make high quality Sikh production movies, but this wont prevent whats happening here and now, we need to cover both. You need to stop with your ignorance and cussin because that doesn't help, this movie will still damage the image of Sikhs even if we continue to make a long term plan, so we need to do both. It seems like your the one doing the winigng, i'm simply trying to find a logical solution and be part of it.

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Sikhs need to go the legal route.

Being a minority, and that too a very visible minority, they should aim at bringing in legislation that prevents misrepresentation, or great offense, to the community. Perhaps people will find a way to work around this in the name of freedom of speech, but I think with proper legislation we can blunt their efforts to a large extent.

Boycotting the movie will have little to no effect, and neither will protests because in this case the media is siding with the Indian film industry for the most part. Even after countless protests after so many of these incidents there still isn’t a voice emerging from the Indian media in support of Sikhs. I remember reading articles in support of “Sardarji jokes†and I have yet to come across an editorial in support of Sikh views.

In my opinion, the best route would be the legal route so it hits the filmmakers where it hurts. The public perception is that of indifference when to comes to this issue, so winning public sympathy (which in itself requires assistance from media) is very difficult.

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Well it is kind of difficult when your own people are not united on such fronts. Many sikhs tell and make up Sardar jokes. Many Sikhs, ie Jatts wanna see this Sunny flick.

Sorry, but before you complain to others about that, make sure your own people agree with you.

Not saying this movie or sardar jokes are right, just offering something to think about

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Sikhs need to go the legal route.

If this is so then i advise you to read the following;

Case Law

Singh v Lyons Maid Ltd[1975]

Panesar v Nestle Co Ltd [1980]

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Mandla v Dowell Lee [1983] 1 ALL ER 1062

In S.S Dhanjal v British Steel General Steels Unreported; Case Number 50740191

Inderjit Kaur case ,Asian times 18th August 1998


Race Relations Act 1976


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Shah, Prakash[2000]; The Conflicts of Legal Pluralism

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That's exactly the point many in the Indian media use to justify the mockery they make of us.

I guess we just need to work around those amongst us who weigh us down.

I agree, or maybe we could "take care" of them... 8)

Still, things like this do make me angry. The Jatt thing has really gotten to me tho, hate that Jatt bs...makes no sense, but people still follow it.

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haha...yeah I have heard that before...I don't get it

Someboyd once told me when I asked how can you tell a Jatt: that they are tall, light skinned, and handsome... :roll:

haha...I cracked up at that...can't believe they try to make themsleves a race...lol

I mean Jatts have the name they do because of Sikhism. Before Sikhi the caste Jatt existed, but they didn't do much...as with the introduction of progressive Sikhi they were able to advance...only reason they pride themselves so much is cause a majority of Sikhs were and are Jatts. I believe one British census from the 19th century showed 66% of Sikhs to be Jatt. Not too sure on my info, but since most Sikhs were Jatt (I know oxymoron, just go with it for the sake of this point) and Sikhs had accomplished so much, people began associating certain characteristics to the Jatts (who are farmers anyway).

^ is just my theory, lol.

And my gramps owns quite farms back in India, but we ain't Jatt...so it wasn't limited to them?

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The following letter was sent to the Central Board of Film Certification and the Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India by Prof. Jagmohan Singh, General Secretary, Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) on May 7. The Panthic body has appealed to the Sikh people all over the world to hold protest demonstrations on 11th May 2005 to mark their discontent with the film. - Editors.

Ms. Sharmila Tagore


Central Board of Film Certification

Bharat Bhavan,

91-E, Walkeshwar Road,

Mumbai - 400 006

Dear Madam:

I write to you to express concern regarding the film, "Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal!". As you may be aware, Sikhs all over the country are agitated over the contents of the movie and the gross, negligent and deliberate misuse of the Sikh war cry and greeting, "Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal!" .

A large number of Sikh organisations, from all over the world, have protested the contents of the movie as well as the use of the Sikh slogan as the title of the movie. The producers and directors of the movie have shown scant regard for the sentiments of the Sikh people.

The promos of the movie, as seen on many Satelllite TV channels do not leave much to the imagination of the film goer. Scantily clad actresses intermixed with the use of a Sikh slogan is just not acceptable. I do not need to point out to you what you and the members of the Censor Board have already seen.

We strongly believe that the Central Board of Film Certification, popularly known as the Censor Board has not applied its mind while certifying this movie. This movie violates the guidelines of the Censor Board as well as judgments of the Supreme Court of India.

The guidelines issued under Section 5B of the Cinematograph Act, 1952 are very clear. This section says that ' a film shall not be certified for public exhibition, if, in the opinion of the authority competent to grant the certificate, the film or any part of it is against the interests of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the States, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality or involves defamation or contempt of court or is likely to incite the commission of any offence."

I would like to inform you that this film will incite the Sikhs to react violently when the movie is released anywhere in India or anywhere in the world for that matter.The Sikhs may be small in numbers but they are a proud people and any interference or jugglery of their religious sentiments by any person, by word or movie, will not tolerated. We love and respect our religion and any misrepresentation of the same is sacriligeous and will be dealt with as such.

If Bollywood has chosen to debase society, it is welcome to go to any depths, but as far as the Sikh people are concerned, we have had enough. Bollywood has been tampering with the Sikh image through word and image for a long time. It is now time to stop this nauseating trend. If having a Sikh prime minister in India has not changed the mindset of the Indian filmmaker, then he/she will have to face the ire of the Sikh people.

No film, which has religious content of any kind, should be certified till it is seen by a member's of that community. In fact any movie having religious content should be send to Sikh religious bodies for prior approval. I have personal knowledge of the fact that Principal Raghbir Singh of Khalsa College, Mumbai used to be a member of the Censor Board of Film Certification in the late seventies and early eighties of the last century. He had personally told me, then, that his presence had ensured that anti-Sikh portions of movies were deleted when pointed out during the pre-release screening sessions. I also have personal knowledge of the fact that in the seventies, a film made on the life of Guru Nanak had to be canned as the film maker crossed all limits and portrayed Guru Nanak through a film actor. This is not public knowledge because the film maker was wise and he quietly withdrew the film when he and the Censor Board were told that this is not acceptable to the Sikhs at all.

It would be naive for the Censor Board to hide behind the curtain of law and say that exhibition of the movie is a state subject. The exhibiton of the movie may be a state subject, but its certification is the prime responsibility of the Censor Board. In this case, the Censor Board has to act with godspeed. The film is slated for release on 13th May, 2005 and believe me, it will lead to mayhem wherever it is released. This movie must be canned and then everybody who has participated in this venture to denigrate the Sikhs will be hauled before the law of the land. We will not take it lying down.

We have appealed to the Sikh people all over the world to hold protest demonstrations on 11th May 2005. In Panjab and the rest of India, Sikhs will denounce the Information and broadcasting ministry for its utter negligence and will burn the posters of the movie as well as symbolically burn the effigy of the CBFC and the Information and Broadcasting ministry. We are also urging the distributors of the movie to keep away from the movie.

I urge you to take immediate steps to stop the release of the movie, Jo Bole So Nihal, Sat Sri Akal. The Censor Board should immediately have a member each from all the ethnic minorities so that henceforth nobody plays with our sentiments.

I once again implore you to take immediate action. Any further annoyance of the Sikh people will be detrimental to peace and tranquility in the region and the Censor Board would be seen as a conspirator alongwith the government of India. The ball is in your court and of the government of India.

Thank you.


Prof. Jagmohan Singh

General Secretary

Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar)

Contact: jsbigideas@rediffmail.com

07 May 2005

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" we will not take it lying down'

Can feel a hint of desparation in those words.

Demonstrations = more publiciity

more publicity = more sales

Therefore they want you lot to demonstrate!

oh well Prof, i guess you know what your doing.


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