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The next bruce lee

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you may not think so, but the speed and agility that niddar singh has is far swifter than this guy. honestly. hes QUIICK. This guy uses several common martial artisitic concepts of fighting but through one of his finger jabs or anything else he does, none of these guys can pass by loh mushti. They'll completley shatter your wrist before you attack. But even withought the use of loh mushti in simple platha hand to hand combat niddar singh has the intellegence needed in fighting. That is why he has not been defeated through his open challenge. The challenge was even put in englands top martial arts magazine last year.

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JKD... lol

Let me tell you about some crazy ass Nihungs back home who would laugh at this stuff.

Those boys work in very E A S Y to understand terms,

This is my shotgun.... this is you dead. Bang goes JKD.

(and ermmm, mixed in with a bit of the unmentionable good stuff, its a definite success!)

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i didnt mean to sound insulting. Jeet Kune Do is highly respectable. But I do think that Tommy C. the guy in the video doesn't have the capability to beat Niddar Singh. But that is besides the point.

Sikher, thats the best and an awesome way to look at it. I like your perspective. thanks.

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lol @ kabbadi singh. he aint that fast, most boxers can launch punches faster than him. and they hit and hit HARD, his moves dnt seem as powerful as they look.

quit fcukin hating. he can punch and Niddar singh will stick a blade through his gut. lol.

even without weapons Niddar Singh is dangerous, technique is all that will save once strength and speed has exhausted.

heydudes, yes i agree krag mava is pretty mean mate.

IN the street anything goes, just like war, hence SHASTAR VIDIYA is practical.

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boys boys boys don't make me pull out my 9mm on u lot. lol.

strength is not everything mister wolf. weapons not everything mister gupy. fast 2 strikes and counting them isn't everything doggy.

i'm happy to say i nearly achived the speed of this guy. i'm really proud of that. so if i can do it so can u.

wing chun was designed by a woman and was 1 of bruce lees main arts.

hitting a 1 knockout punch is the same as hitting 2 light strikes very fast.

shows u shaster vidya ppl don't really understand martial arts yet. but maybe u do i may be wrong.

respect to ayudh di vidya also known as shaster vidya.

respect to jkd formed from wing chun and many other arts.

respect the fellow warrior my bros and sis's. kill those pot belly narrow minded fools i say.

just thought i add this. ppl think muscle men is better than a fat man. but did u ppl know cuting into a muscle man weakens him. yes u smart ppl. ur cutting into his muscles. muscles r those things that help u move around.

cutting into a fat man and his fat is a more of a disadvantage cus all u doing is cutting jelly stuff.

u gets what iz saying.

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How many challanges has Niddar had? And who were they what styles did they represent? Which magazine was it? Was it Martial Arts Illustrated?

I know a few martial artists who would like to test their skills. If they were to accept the challenge would it be full contact with no gloves or body protection?

Please tell me more.


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