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Your wish list ... !!!!!


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I know people will love this topic... :D

Please post your wish list...!

My wish list-

1. I seriously wish if there was peace in this world and serenity in this world.

2. I seriously wish if there was no one dying from hunger of food/water.

3. I seriously wish one day punjabi parents gets counselling on how to think out of box - stop the stupid force marriages based on dowry and caste.. female infanticides.

and the last but not least...

4. I seriously wish if we get all the terrorist, fanatics in one line ..stuck them in a room..and let them have orgy of each other....grrrrrrr.. lol. :LOL: ..OK OK humor aside- I seriously wish they get some sort of spiritual healing/therapy as well.

Nanak Naam Chardi-kalah teraie bhaney sarbat da Bhalla ||

Please post your wish lists...i ll add more to my list.. :)

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i wish for

an end to reality television. is it really necessary to make big brother, survivor for the 10th hundred time?

better access to a variety of good healthy food anywhere you go at a reasonable price

as they say around my parts, "rabh ji .... kori kadon charna?"

less doom and gloom

em, to see a return of 'sukhi' .. where is she gone anyway?

*edit* i initially just had "i wish" but it looked odd because of all the blank space. just saying, i have lots of things to wish :P *

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unrelated back-in-skewl story, mum used to pack these paronthe in silver foil for me to eat for lunch ..

one day i hadnt closed my bag so u could smell em from outside, and i had come back from break to find two white boys and a girl talking about the smell

so i pull out my coke filled drink container and take a swig. and then they clocked on that it ws my bag, so one of them asked, "whats that?" they asked, its coke i replied. "oh, does it have cocaine in it?"

true story.

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