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Guru Ji Family Information

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Guru Nanak Dev Jis father is said to have descended from Raam Chandra (gurbani paath darshan - sant gurbachan singh bhindrawala), not his mata ji.

I think u read a bit too much into that, mata jis brother was called kirshan and her father raam it hink. We could confirm with gurbani paath darshan!

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I demand that this Shaka dude be banned!!! He has insulted the honour of all Sikhs by trying to bring Dasam Patsha into his perverted theories by giving this football player analogy. How dare he do this!! May this dude burn in HELL!!!!

Moderators Note II: Please could we save the condemnation to Hell for the another time and place and move on with the discussion.

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yo shaka ,

How many times do i have to say that guru ji didn't have bhog bilaas .

"They are not human beings like us . They themselves are GOD . They can do anything with their shakti . That's no big deal . Why don't u understand ? Why are you trying to judge guru ji with your own buddhi . Understand man ,

Guru jis are completely different from us . They don't have to do stuff like us . "

Such are the bachans of brahmgyanis mahapurakhs such as Baba Nand Singh ji .

and don't give stupid analogies although they are not false for wrestlers , or football players but you cannot analyze your gurus on such analogies .

" Pita Ka janam ke jaane poot ": you can't say anything about how ur guru did what or anything about his life .

And please remove this mentality from your mind that guru jis or had bhog bilaas .

Just because whole sansar continues with bhog bilas doesn't mean that the same rule apply to guru ji .


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SSa sariaya nu,

I am also a sikh so i dont want to insult sikhism.

But what i am saying is on same basis if u r saying something prove i will try scan some pages for u which i s written by PHD author who gave there lots of time for sikh history not like us who just come over net just read few things & started teaching with their own name



My main aim of making this thing so that u can easily who is son of whom On one page u get all info

Vaise Mein NEW DElhi India rahenda haan tusi "shaka nyorai" Kithe rahende ho dasoge zarra jithe tuwanu sikhi vich ah dasiya jaanda hain ki Kuan VIRGIN si ya nahi, u don't have manner using these words for such great pplz

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Yes veer Ji, please don't leave this forum and please don't let un-beleivers bother you.

You must resist and stick up for your beleifs and share your beleifs, opnions in this forum...it's well appreciated and you know it.

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i for one am not going to beg anyone to stay on this forum, if shaka wants to leave let him.

How long can anyone keep arguing?

Personally i think it will do him good, frees up time for nitnem, naam simran and watching big brother live! (only joking... about the simran!)

aaap aapnee budh hai jeeteee,

barnat bhin bhin tuhai tetee

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Dear all,

this was the last straw. I leave www.sikhawareness.com for good. Dear administrators do please delete my account and my posts. Sorry but I can't bear this blasphemy anymore. It's already bad enough that I get stabbed regularly in the back by people who call themselves my brothers and sisters but this insult against my mother, Mata Sahib Devan is simply too much.

Anyone wishing to contact me may do so through N3O.

May Guru Gobind Singh bless you a million times!!!!

with love

Bahadur Singh

I think I've heard that from you somewhere else before Shaka ;) I don't think you could ever leave this site for good... I don't think anyone else could for that matter... might take a break, but somehow we all comeback :P

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