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do nirmalas take amrit and wear 5 ks


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amardeep singh ji-

Five Nirmala's took amrit in 1699, received the nitiation and were put under the command of Bhai Dya Singh Ji and Bhai Dharam Singh Ji. The Nirmalas were throughout their history divided into 24 sub-sections (upa-sampradayas). Thirteen of these 24 sub-sections go back to Bhai Daya Singh and eleven of them to Bhai Dharam Singh.
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Hopefully there will be a rudimentary website by the end of the year.

Some do and wear it, some do and don't wear it (small kirpans on necklace), some don't. That applies for both Bhai Dya Singh and Bhai Dharam Singh upsamprdas, what Neo means here is the Baba Bir Singh Naurangabd related upsamprdas - Herkhowal, Hoti Mardan, Rare Sahib, etc. I'm pretty certain I've met Nirmalay from Bhai Dya Singh upsamprdas who are not amritdhari.

To find out more, do a search on sikhawareness, theres a fair bit on here already.

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