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naam simran and astral projection

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go to maharaj and do ardas.. lol

what other gurbani resources you want..

all depends on your purpose and intent on astral projection.. if its to find mahraj then no need to go anywhere astral.. if its for some other kinda crap.. who cares.. just do simran find maharaj and astrally project yourself into his charan.. by his hukam :P

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I have successfully done astral projection before. But let me tell you this. I will imbalance you and this will lead you away from your family and friends. However, all this effect is a natural cleansing process because your karma will be sped up and as a result you will know be able to distinguish between real friends from the unreal ones.

Another version of having this imbalance feeling is intepreted as the negative force is our to discourage you from this path.

More later.

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Here is a simple exercise to try astral projection.

Sit comfortably by choosing a quiet environment. You may sit in a lotus position or on a chair with your back in an up-right position.

Close your eyes gently and take a few deep breaths. Softly imagine or vision that that you are sitting in a dark room and there is an opening above your head from where strong white light is coming into the room.

While still breathing deeply, imagine yourself floating upwards towards the hole above you. As you get closer to the opening you are able to move through it on to the other side.

Now feel, touch, understand what you see, hear and feel. Consciously choose to move further away from the hole to explore the world above. Try to understand what people are saying around you.

Try to understand their nonverbal language. OK, now remind yourself to go back through the hole down into the dark room . See your physical body sitting on the chair or in lotus position below you. Take sometime before you decide to go back into your physical body.

Once you are in your body, breath deeply and feel your breathing. Now open your eyes.

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