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I saw it this morning

Basically the dudes apparently been going around sayin he was offered a farla by the nihang singhs in india when he got there.

The poster said that Baba Surjit Singh never offered him one, Navreet doesnt believe in Sukha Degh, Chatka, and other Maryada, therefore cannot claim to be a Akali Singh.

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Just for the record, he wasn't wearing a farla when he bumped into me in Amritsar yesterday.

Clearly I'm naive on this, but aren't there loads of Nihangs who've got farlas for a lot less than 'great seva for the dal panth', including some who really shouldn't have been given it. I was amazed at Hola how every other Nihang seemed to have a farla on.

So is this more the maryada issue then?

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True say TSingh I agree 100% with what you have written.

Yet i dont think someone who openly does parchar against jhatka, degh etc, is anti-raagmala would be offered a pharla. God knows whats going on within the Dals these days, however, I think it can be said for sure that he wasnt offered one from Budha Dal.

On a side note regarding the large number of underving nihang singhs wearing farlay, I know Baba Surjit Singh recently passed thruogh our area in Punjab on their way to holla at Anandpur Sahib. There was a Nihang Singh who wore a farla who would sit by one of the train tracks selling sukha in its various form and playing cards with his mates etc (which Farladhari Singhs arent supposed to do). The local Singhs complained to Baba Ji so they went to meet the guy by the train track, the guy found out Baba Ji was coming to see him so fled. Baba Ji has told the local Singhs to remove his farla next time anyone sees him.

Baba Ji also announced that the Nihang Singh who were selling sukha on the roads of Punjab had one week to clear up. Otherwise when the Dalpanth was passing back through the region after holla they would be 'taking care of' any Singh found to be selling sukha on the streets.

Whilst I have no personal problem with Navreet Singh I think it would be preety awful if someone who doesnt even believe in raagmala was given a farla, let alone his other views. He would undoubtedly find tremendous support from the large gatherings of akjs around him, however, I really doubt the Dalpanth Singhs in the UK would recognise any authority of his farla.

Was a reason given by Sikh Sangat admins for taking the thread down?

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Isnt baba Nihal singh a jathedar with farla who actively speaks anti degha, and anti maha parshad?

To be honest malwa sher I have upmost respect for a farla, but only once the bearer has earned that respect. simply blindly following a farladhari singh because he has the farla no matter who gave it to him, is no different from idol worship and stupidity.

No different from following those nakli sant who wear the clothes but aint earnt them.

Many demand respect few earn it. Those who do earn it deserve it.

But yeh Navreet Singh with farla... erm... nevermind..

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Wise words.

This is definately the vibe I got from Harian Vela for example, which with the utmost respect to them (I mean that sincerely) seemed much closer to the Taksal mindset than the Budha Dal one both at their divaans and harian vela itself - no doubt a big part to do with Baba Nihal Singh's more Sant like nature (hearing stories of his tapasya recently). Also, I was told that (is it?) Bidhi Chand who also give out farlas, not just Baba Surjit Singh?

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I can confirm from personal experience that even though the main jathedars and parchaar of Hariabela is vegi and non degha, many of the high ups in the hariabela dal do engage in both degha and mahaparshaad.

officially only budhadal can give out farlas, unfofficially they can be passed on brought, just placed in a damalla at will just like amrit can only be given by panj pyare infront of maharaj, however anyone can put on the kakar and claim they legit amritdharis.

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yes that is me in the pic.. find out more about it at niddar.blogspot.com

I can not confirm wether it has been changed in their written form of the rehit maryada, but can confirm that during amrit sanchar the do mention that the use of degh, and consumption of mahaprashad is not allowed.

However, I cant confirm but have heard that sometimes it may not be stated during the amritsanchar ..lol so its a bit of pic and mix..

Baba Nihal singh the Jathedar of the Hariavela dal does do anti degha mahaparshad parchaar outside of Punjab.

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