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Creation of Human's


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Why did god create micro-organisms, dinosaurs,Apes and neanderthal etc ect and then the modern human beings, why didn't Waheguru create Humans to start with? What was the purpose of all those other creations?

Or were humans the first beings in this world? If you dont go by what science says that is :roll: , but how would u proove that?

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Purpose of all those other creations should be reminder to us humans that its only humans who are given bibek buddhi to filter truth(sat) from ignorance(avidya), illusion.

In gurbani there are many quotes proving that human life is priceless-

gobind millan ki eh tari varaiya avar kaach teriae kithae na kam mil sadhsangat baaj kavial naam ||

And the real reason that god has created other micro-organisms, dinosaurs,Apes and neanderthal etc is because they are in the cycle of nature- balancing things out for example- sikhi fully beleives person who do bad karma ends up being reincarnated as animals which is consider as a suffering jaun(life cycle), and animals dont have vichar shakti, just there to spend there time of suffering because there were at one point human, they are there to serve their punishment until whatever time they are given after that they transcedent back to human life which is consider in sikhi an priceless gift from vahiguroo himself. If one can fully understand that human life is priceless should be spent in good deeds and meditating on god's name, one doesnt go through reincarnations in animal cycles.

There are four types of kirpa (grace) one goes through in order to meet Vahiguroo-

a) first kirpa is given to human is actual human life to vichar- whats your essence? where you come from? whats your real self ? etc, that is straight given by vahiguroo. We should remember that.

B) second kirpa is kirpa of shaastar/gurbani, where gurbani an divine discourse tells us and make us understand concept about life, reality, illusion, our real self(soul/atma),mind, ignorance, reincarnations, 5 vices- anger, lust, attachment, greed, ego and much more

c) third kirpa is kirpa of a sant, kirpa of sant is important because through real sant, one can really understand deep gurbani meanings, lets just put it this way, having teacher(sant/vidya gurdev) really helps an individual to decipher the gurbani message because they make very very simple for us to understand, comprehend and act up on it with their discourses.

d) last kirpa is kirpa of their own self, if one gets all the above three kirpa that means gyan(knowledge) is there but its just a matter of acting upon it so reach the realm of bhramgyan/atamgyan not just book gyan but that knowledge which can be expereinced on each level in life, in order to have that one need to make actual effort, without one effort everything is useless. In house of guru nanak dev ji, effort(karni) is everything.

hope that helps :D

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I think before you ask the question : why didn't god create humans before other creatures? It would be scientific and rational to ask How does or did God create?

Jap Ji Sahib provides the answers. Whatever is created is naam. It is all god's name. But man being endowed with the gift of making sense and explaining his surroundings, uses this gift in selfish ways. Forgetting (intuitively and innately not just thinkingly) that God's name is the basis of his enjoyments and sorrows. Man thinks he is the doer and gets caught up in psychological storm he has himself created.

So creation is naam. In Jap Ji Sahib Guru Jee says that the pandits and the qazi have no idea when the creation was created. Only the creator knows. My interpretaion of this is that as an individual human it is not desirable to speculate on the begginings of creation. It is a pointless excercise. I really have a hard time understanding the obsession of modern followers of the science religion, that everything can be explained and measured it is Ego gone mad. Real work is not speculating about creation within modern scientific thought. or about whether there are aliens or whatever. Real work is speculating on who you are. Sikhi is not scientific, it is not about categorising the external world, it is about bringing a person into harmony into the presence of the divine. In Islam they say beautifully that each person who is born with trust. That is trust to Allah that he will recognise himself he will clear himself make his mind spotless to be fit for divine grace. A person who abuses this trust will suffer pain in accordance with his will. Those who live in his trust will suffer the agonies of seperation which is a million times worse than any pain, but then its all about coming out the other side, at least you have started the work. This is the same as saying the preciousness of the human birth as quoted above.

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The question is one which many people ask, and in my opinion is just another example of the power of maya, and our ego and greed, to explain why everything around us is the way it is.

God creates, destroys and creates according to his wish. Nature and evolution is not a challenge to God as many scientists make out, it is simply another language of God, one that the egotistical ones have found a little understanding of and by some weird default, think they invented.

sochai soch na hova-ee jay sochee lakh vaar.

By thinking, He cannot be reduced to thought, even by thinking hundreds of thousands of times.

It happened because God wished it, simple. It was Gods way of bringing about the ideal environment for man (evolution), and don't forget, where would all the coal and oil that the whole world depends on have come from, if billions of species hadn't decomposed, it was a way of Vaheguru providing resources for us. Yet instead of trying to find the benefit and kindness in Vahegurus grace, we keep taking and taking, yet instead of thanking, keep questing his kindness?

daydaa day laiday thak paahi. jugaa jugantar khaahee khaahi.

We shouldn't get obssesed with understanding the secrets of creation, but focus on why we are here.

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It is pointless to fathom creation and its purpose it is simply beyond our understanding. No religion can understand it explain it. We are unsettled, we don’t even understand ourselves yet we try to explain creations purpose.

If one feels it is not enough that they are part of it (creation) and one wants to be with it, be it, that’s different.

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I was gonna start another thread but cant be bothered so just gonna place my little message here..

I would just like to say thank you.. to everyone in the world,. Sikhi makes me feel warm inside Im soo happy and lucky to have such a wonderful diverse family not just the sikhs but all creation the apes the dino sores. all these wonderful things ever created or yet to be created.. Its just lovely and amazing that at this moment in time according to the hukam of the true beloved lord I am here to experience and engange and dance in all this glory and wonder, who cares why its here or how, who cares about purpose I dont know what the purpose of grass is.. but its fun too see it make a brown grey earth green and colourful.. maybe dinosaurs and apes are as simple as grass maybe they are more I dont know.. but im just feeling all loved and warm inside.. :D


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