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neeldhari samprdaye

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When Guru Gobind Singh Ji baptized the five beloveds they came out from the tents wearing a blue attire.

There is one saying which laid the foundation that every Nihang will have to wear blue clothes.

Another saying goes like this; One day Sahibzada Fateh Singh ji came in front of Guru

Gobind Singh Ji wearing blue ‘Dumalla’, on seeing this guru announced that people who

will wear this dress will form a ‘Panth’

Another Saakhi goes like this; when guru ji removed the cloak of ‘Uch De Peer’ he tied a part of it to his ‘Kartar’. That was the origin of blue attire community

When Mata Gujri saw her grandson in the blue uniform she said your great grand father the sixth Guru used to dress up in a same way. When they all came in front of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, he said that this is the most sacred wearing and reflects a true Khalsa. Later he (Guru) declared that every true Khalsa will have this appearance which reflects "Akal Purkh de Fauj". This place where guru founded the Khalsa panth was known as ‘Damal Gargh’.

Hemkunt Sahib: Kamarkasa Compulsory: It is also compulsory to wear the Kamarkasa for every individual who is on pilgrimage to HEMKUNT SAHIB. In fact Nihang Sikhs still wear the Kamarkasa till today.

“The Blue Colur signifies the believe in Peace and Non-Violence. The Chakuta (head dress)signifies a Child asking forgiveness from his Father, the Almighty Lord"

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Followers of 2 sects clash

Our Correspondent

Mandi, June 22

Namdharis and Neeldhari Sikhs, who had been living in peace for several decades here, came to blows over alleged derogatory remarks made sometime back by a self-styled 16-year-old ‘guru’, who claimed himself be the incarnation of Ramji Sahai. The teenaged ‘guru’ has been adopted by three families of Neeldharis in the town and a few others elsewhere in the country.

A large number of Namdhari youths assembled outside the residence of one of the three devotees of the new ‘guru’ and raised slogans. As tempers were running high and clash between the three Neeldhari families and Namdhari youths seemed imminent a police party arrived on the scene and defused the situation.

Namdharis allege that during the visit this self-styled ‘guru’ had made insulting and unbecoming remarks against their ‘guru’ in a discourse which had also been telecast by a local channel. Later, the office of the channel had caught fire at night in mysterious circumstances causing loss of lakhs.

Earlier during the day a Namdhari from Delhi who also owed allegiance to the teenaged ‘guru’ was assaulted by some youths outside the gurdwara making the situation tense. District authorities claim that the situation was under control.

Later in the evening, a five-member delegation of each community was called by Deputy Commissioner J.P. Singh, in his office where Neeldharis expressed regret over any remarks which might have been made by the ‘guru’ which hurt the feelings of Namdharis. They pledged to maintain the traditional peace and brotherhood between the two communities.

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quote from Namdhari.faithweb.com: 'The propername for Aad Granth Sahib is... Sri Aad Guru Granth Sahib and proper name for Dasam Granth Sahib is... Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib'... oh no!.. it's true!! Chatanga can't read!!! :LOL:

Atleast we spend the time to spell the word Granth Sahib (which.. for those with eyes.. has the word 'Sahib' showing nothing but respect).. not just write 'SGGS' like some 'goodsikhs'.. LOL... yeah saying 'Guru Granth Sahib' is 'showing respect' but following what's written in it is apparently not!!... that's what sikhy is all about init?

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thats a very typical response from you, Fateh Singh. you always use the weaknesses of Sikh people to try and hide the lie that the namdharis propgoate.

Kinda of like a theif going before a judge and saying what about all the other theives in the world m'lud ? you dont say anything to them...

as usual you have offered nothing to the debate other than your cynicism.


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pfrt.. forget it dude.. u're a proven fake bs propagater who can't even get the simplest of facts straight and can't even properly read responses given by people here.. can't be bothered to waste any more time on ur dumb concerns.. had u wanted real answers and not just smear ur hatred (which FYI... GURU GRANTHS OPPOSE!!)... u'd have done better research.. guess ur just incapable of doing that.. it's ok man... i'm sure we can form a support group for u too..

Just say no to drugs kids!

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Dear Chatanga Ji, 2 points:

1 - Neela rang - I have heard that neela rang serve a more practical purpose for a Khalsa, it is the colour of war - i.e. if you get cut, your clothes will conceal the red of the blood, it will make it look like sweat.

In simple psychological terms, if the opposition knows your hurt, there confidence and thus strength will increase.

2 - You mentioned Hemkunt Sahib maryada, I have always been sceptical about Hemkunt Sahib, did some academic in the early 20th century not identify the location after a treasure hunt he conducted after reading Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji? So being nothing but an imagined location for where Dasam Pathshaah was in samadhi, and a recent one at that, was purpose does the mention of their kamarkasa maryada serve as it wouldn't exactly be puratan?

Please forgive any mistakes/ignorence in my post..

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The first post i submuitted was actually from the neeldhari website. It was just to provide some information on them . I have heard of them a few years ago, but they remian relatively unknown to the SIkhs in general. The first i heard of them actually was a split between themselves and naamdharis, again on what point this split occured i dont know.

I thought maybe some people on this forum would have more answers.

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enough of the bickering. This forum is about the best i knwo when it comes to learning about gian and atam gian but i get sick of reading posts where we knock each other

neeldhari websites are the following that i know







i have only seen the Neeldharis once and that was at a samagam at Taran Taaran Sahib at the Nirmal Kutia of Sant Davinder Singh Ji. I only watched a video and Sant Pipli Walae were present. The sangat looked great with loads of people wearing blue kamarkasas. Also present was Baba Jagjit Singh Ji namdhari. The two were sitting together and talking. I have a video somewhere will try to find it and put it up.

One last thing regarding the kamarkasa being worn when going to hemkunt. Not heard of that before. I visited Hemkunt in 1996 along with alot of family none of us wore kamarkasa's and it was never mentioned!! Since when has this started?

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Oye Rabb de vaste............. meri benti sun laoo............Chatanga, you think you have a great grasp on sikh history which happens to be incorrect most of the time............I have a question for you..........

You seem to be nit-picking a lot on Namdhari's and what not........Namdhari's live by word of gurbani, amrit vele utnaa, kesi ishnaan, naam simran, gurbani paath, kirtan etc..........

Now, my question to you is namdhari's follow the hukams of their guru, Your Guru.......(no offence to anyone but this is just to make a point), Guru Granth Sahib Ji has 1430 pages telling humans to stop bickering, quarrelling, slandering, and spend more time in kirtan, naam simran etc.............How much do you follow? Do you follow your guru's hukam because it seems like you don't and you follow the "PANTHIC POLICE"........ why?.................

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