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What do you feel of your lifes achievment?

Blazing Singh

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The hightest acheivment would be in my life I think just too do Nam Jap & doo more path!!! DOO MUCH AS YOU CAN!!!! Cos when we die thats only one thing we going to take with us!!! nothing else.......

vahegurooooooooo :D

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Guest BikramjitSingh

N30 Singh and Gurinder Kaur

I am surprised that your ambition seems to be to do more and more path.

Sikhism is not just a spiritual path but it is also a path of action. If the most spiritually minded of Sikhs just did path then what will become to those Sikhs who are not so spiritually minded and need our help in awakening their Sikhi spirit.

We complain about the fact that Sikhi is virtually going extinct in Punjab but is that any wonder when the most active Sikhs feel that doing path is the be all and end all of their contribution to Sikhi.

I for one would like to help my fellow Sikhs by-;

1. Taking part in any campaigns which helps Sikhs in danger such as Prof. Davinderpal Singh

2. Make the most of the money I can spare ( ie Daswandh ) to help Sikh organisations in Punjab ( such as Sikh Missionary college ) to print free Sikh literature, hold youth camps and Gurmat classes so that in a decade from now we will consider Punjab as a place where Sikhi is flourishing rather than now when we all seem to have given up Punjab's Sikhs.

I try and do as much path as I can but sometimes we place more emphasis on doing the path rather than practising the message of the path.

Apologies if you take this to be a personal attack, it is far from it, I just wanted to point out that Sikhi needs dedicated Sikh youth to do their upmost for Sikhi.

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Bikramjit singh ji.. i agree with you.. as sukhmani sahib ji states.. "aap jaapo, avarah naam japaavooo" ..completely beleive in that verse.. however always guroo da sikh should be in love with the dust of lotus feet of guru..

this sakhi and verse really inspired me

When Ram Das Tapaa came to the Guru he asked how the Sikhs would go to heaven. The Guru replied, "My Sikhs desire not heaven. Heaven they deem not fit for their merits. They never engage in worship which is merely intended for the admiration of the public. Their minds are absorbed in God's love. That is their heaven and salvation." (Sikh religion by M.A.Macaliffe vol. 2 page 261).

I do not seek power, and I do not seek salvation.. My mind is in love with Your Lotus Feet.

Guru Granth Sahib Page 534

Don't wish for a home in heaven, and don't be afraid to live in hell.

Guru Granth Sahib Page 337

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See i was asked this question by a gora.

I replied that what ever happens happens for the good. And if was to die i will die.

But i alway believe live today fight tommorrow.

So, i was thinking that I would actually run home, get a shaster and come back?? at least i got a better chance. cos realistly, we dont carry the best shaster for fighting a mob at the moment, we carry a Kirpan, Katar or Kukri, we can fight of waht, 4 to 5 people.

Just curious on what people think. (i know that im a mad man)

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end of the day what happens happens - if someone wants to beat u up it will happen - in most cases - if u run, it is likely you will just be chased afta

if someone jumps u they jump u - u either fight back or u stand and take a propa kicking

either way ur gonna get decked - so u might as well go down by throwin a few good shots :wink:

ill bring this message even more off topic

if you was jumped by these people - would u pull ur kirpan out on them??.. or would u stand and fight with ur fists... thankfully ive never been in a near death situation with anyone - n never had the thought of pullin my kirpan out on anyone.....


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what the nihungs used to do in a battle against a really big army was turn round and start to run. the front of the opponent army would split from the main army and give chase. the nihungs then turned round and cut them down. in that way, they wittled down large armies to nothing. that aint running away, thats tactics. they still had the intention to die on the battlefield, they didnt run back to their homes to fetch more ammo.

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Sorry for the late reply, been busy.

To fight and die is not a bad thing, but to fight and live, and then fight again would be hell of a lot better than to die.

Sikhs in general i think should adopt a technique used for many centuries. 2.5, fight and come out alive, 1.5, fight and die. Some may know what im on about, other are porabaly confused.

i have a "freind" (always a freind and never yourself :D ) that got attacked and the first thing they did was pull out their kirpan (more like a kukri) and the 23 (more like 5) peeps that attaked this "freind" of mine saw the kukri and had second thoughts. I rekcon 90% of a fight is pyschological. My "freind" basicly won pyschologically, and therefore phyically.

make sense or am i mad?

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i dont know wat my greatest achievement would be...but i know that i wanna be a true gursikh of my Guru Ji and try to follow His teachings to my best abilities, do path, nam simran, do sewa at the Gurdwara and sewa of the ppl... :P n try to overcome my five evils with Guru Jis help :wink:

i dont know ...

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lifetime acheivement - b4 marry i hope to brin my family on to the Path...

After i marry - HOPE TO CHANGE THE WORLD - wot can i say - just a 15yr olds mind blagged out on da comp screen.... hope fully 2 bring in more gals into SIkhi - cus i think there need 2 b more kinda rolemodelfs 4 gals - or sum1 to jus support ppl init... woteva though - even if its just bringing one person onto the Path and staying on it, that is an acheivment...

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