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  1. That's just the thing. The Indians of the previous Yugs were Dharmi people who were Kesadharis. But today's Kalyugi Hindus have taken on Kalyugi traits by cutting their Kesh, abandoning Kshatriya Dharm and Bhagti Marg. But Khalsa has maintained all of these qualities. Khalsa is the rightful inheritor of the legacy of those ancient people of India, not today's Kalyugi Hindus.
  2. I'll ask you the same question I asked convert1: but how do you reconcile the fact that the founder of your new religion allowed rape(of Banu Mustaliq tribe), consummated a marriage with a 9 year old child which is pedophilia, beheaded prisoners of war(banu Quraiza tribe), even allowed torture, killed an old woman poet who had criticized him? I'm not trying to criticizing you, but I just want to understand the psychology of why a normal person would willingly convert to a religion whose founder committed all these crimes while the Sikh Gurus committed no such crime. I don't mean to offend you, but I just want to know how do you as a convert choose to follow a man who has done all this as opposed to the Sikh Gurus who had done none of these crimes? I use the term 'crime' for lack of a better word. Let's have an open and respectful dialogue here. Also, Sikhs are the cleanest people on earth. Sikh religion is the only religion which makes it mandatory for it's followers to do full body Ishnaan(bath) everyday in the morning. Sikhs are also required as per maryadha to do full body Ishnaan before doing any Seva of Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Besides this, Sikhs also do Panj Ishana(washing of hands, feet, face) before doing Rehras Sahib and Kirtan Sohilla. So as far as cleanliness is concerned, no one can match the Sikhs in this department Muslims only are required to do woozu which is a washing of their hands, feet and face. Full body bath is not even a require in Islam. That's not very clean from Sikh standards. Sikhs, don't worship idols. Sikhs are worshipers of Vaheguru. So it's obvious you have no knowledge of Sikhi before you converted for your boyfriend. As for your claim that Guru Nanak Dev Jee was a Muslim. I would suggest you watch this video to dispel this confusion as well:
  3. Are you sure you're a communist?
  4. I would have to agree with Amandeep here. Our goal should be to reduce tensions between communities not put more kerosene on the flame. Discussing those articles will only make the flame of hatred bigger not reduce it. Just leave it.
  5. Gandhi goes against his own religion by preaching Ahimsa. He would hold a copy of the Bhagawat Gita, but forget it was recited on the battle field of Kurukshetra in which untold amount deaths occurred. He worshiped Ram, but Ram was a warrior who had no problem using violence in order to defeat evil. Gandhi preached against British imperialism in India but had no problem with racism in South Africa against the blacks. He was a walking talking contradiction.
  6. See he's not here for a decent dialogue. I have had dialogues with Hindus and Muslims with opposing views. Once you explain to them our side of the story, they will have an open mind to finally understand your position even if they are not 100% in agreement. But this guy Sher is not one of those individuals. You refute his lies, he again repeats those lies.
  7. Bro, you are asking a him to straighten his perspective, it's not going to happen. He is not here to learn about Sikhi but writes just to lie and distort our Dharm, our Ithihas.
  8. Don't know if any Sikh has written about her, but she was a great Bhagat of India during the middle ages. She wrote some great poetry. Her Guru was Bhagat Ravidas Jee.
  9. Farming is not as profitable as it was a generation or two ago. Now with every passing generation, the land holdings are getting smaller and smaller. Now Jats(both Hindus and Sikhs) have come to understand that they need to get jobs in order to survive as middle class. But they have come to realize that in order to get Jobs, the OBC status can and does help tremendously. Personally I liked Manpreet Badal's proposal to scrap caste based reservations and introduce reservation based on one's poverty level irrespective of caste.
  10. about a decade or so ago the Jats in Rajasthan had been declared OBC. This status had tremendously benefited their community from government jobs to education. Seeing them, Jats all over north India have been wanting to get OBC status. Punjab is the latest. Let's not try to compare the west to India. India is a different ball game with different rules. To get a decent job one needs sifaarish and rishwat and if you don't have these then you need OBC. It's almost like the Laws of physics are completely different in India.
  11. It's the only way to get government jobs now. Others have been taking advantage of BS status, jats are no different. They also want a piece of the pie.
  12. For once I agree with Sher here and fully disagree with Hindustani. Not all Hindus are like the Punjabi Hindus and Gujus who sadly give the Hindus the emasculate image that we are so familiar with and who have to leech off the legacy of other more brave Hindu ethnicities(like the Marathas, Rajasthanis). Not all Hindus are cowards. The Hindu Jats, Gujjars, Rajputs, Gurkhas, Marathas, Tamils can and do punch back when provoked. But of these people only the Marathas are religious nationalists like the Sikh people, the other ones although brave are not religious nationalists.
  13. Sikhi didn't get inspired by any religion. Sikhi is a divine religion of Vaheguru. Daswand(10%) is not Zakat which is only 2%
  14. Just look at the situation of Punjabi Hindus of west Punjab right before partition. They along with the Sikhs of west Punjab were the wealthiest and most industrious people in India. And in the case of the Hindus, they were also very educated. But when things got hostile, what good did all that wealth, education do? in the end people of east Punjab had to resort to the "low level gangstar stuff". The jews of Europe are another example people who thought they could rely on their success within Europe. But no amount of success could stop their holocaust. They are an example for us to follow. Today they have their own country that they can call home. Now they have a standing army which can beat any army in the middle east or even Europe.
  15. The Khalsa does not want to finish Hinduism or any other religion. That's not our agenda, never was and never will be. Sikhs only want to live as equals and not be politically dominated by anyone else because we have seen what happens when we are politically dominated by first the Muslims and now the Hindus. As for the Muslims. They are not peaceful Buddhists who were able to be absorbed by a resurgent Hinduism under Shankaracharya. By nature Muslims are very aggressive in comparison to Hindus. Even if they are a minority, they see themselves as rightful rulers. They are already in the process of taking over Bengal and Kerala and will try to turn it into another Kashmir once they have the demographic power. Due to Deobandi indoctrination, their militant strain is getting even more dangerous.
  16. What kind of dog do you have, what breed is it?
  17. Sher as usual you are over exaggerating the Maratha episode which is nothing but a foot note in the history of Punjab. And how did they "liberate" punjab from Mughal tyranny? They came to Punjab as a party to an tripartite alliance which consisted of Mughals, Marathas and Sikhs. It was the combined effort of all three that drove out the Afghans from Punjab. But once the Afghans were driven out, the Mughals and Marathas sidelined the Sikhs. So thanks to the Marathas, now the situation was that Punjab again fell under Islamic Mughal rule. And the first thing the Mughals under Adina Beg did was the persecute the Sikhs. For this task, he gathered chiefs from all over Punjab, the Janjuas, Gakhars, Ghebas from Pothohar, the Pathans settled in Punjab, Randhawa Jats in central Punjab, Hindu Paharias from the hills of Punjab. All these Hindu and Muslims chiefs of Punjab made a combined effort with the Mughals in carrying out a new wave of genocide of the Sikhs. So severe was this new genocide that the Sikhs all over Punjab retreated into the thick jungles of Majha. The Mughals then hired 4000 Tarkhans to cut up the forests. This was one of the worst episodes of Sikh history all thanks in part to the Marathas who helped the Mughals regain the lost province of Punjab from the Afghans and instead of doing the right thing and befriending the Sikhs by giving Punjab to them. For the first time since the horrible days of Zakharia Khan, Sikhs were again prevented from entering Darbar Sahib. So now Sikhs again had to start from scratch and work their way up to liberate Punjab. Even historian HariRam Gupta notes this was a HUGE mistake made by the Marathas because of which the Sikhs did not help them in the 3rd battle of Panipat. And also this was one of the reasons why the Sikhs opposed the 1857 'rebellion' by the sepoys, Rohillas, Marathas to revive the Mughal empire in India. Our people already saw what a mistake it was to help the Marathas and Mughals the first time and did not want to repeat that in 1761 and 1857
  18. Sometimes we do not understand it but there is a lot of wisdom in the lifestyle of the elderly generation. During their time they didn't have tooth brush/past and shampoos. They used Dattan and instead of Shampoo they used yogurt. My Grand mother tells me that when she was young there were barely any bald people back then as baldness has become so common today. Even the medications they took, it was made by experienced Hakeems who had knowledge of the ancient sciences of Ayurveda. Today our people have abandoned all these things and take modern medicine which almost always has side effects.
  19. I have heard that using the Dattan to brush your teach makes them strong which is why during olden times, people did not have teeth falling out even at old age. But now with people using modern things like tooth brush/paste and shampoo they are having their teeth and hair fall out at old age.
  20. I heard that under the influence of Sant Jee's sangat, many Nihangs had become vegetarians. Anyway, my response was not to insult Nihangs. I respect them for their dedication to Rehit. I only wrote this in response to Singh1984 who said meat eating is for warriors while vegetarian diet is for peaceful types like Nirmalas and Udasi sadhus.
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