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  1. Guru Samrath de...

    In my opinion, knowing gurmukhi is nice to have but not prerequisite for spiritual journey especially since fairly accurate esoteric translations are available. But yes knowning gurmukhi is really good to have understand foundations of gurbani and sikhi.
  2. Guru Samrath de...

    Back to topic please
  3. Guru Samrath de...

    Welcome to the forum ji, hope you enjoy your stay. You meant at pace? like in rhythm?
  4. Bad Ankle sprain

    I've got bad ankle sprain, swelling went away but now has came back, any solutions?
  5. Death of the Nihangs

    Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale did try to defuse suitation by surrending initially , however he was let go.
  6. Singh Sabha Canada

    Got it. After missionaries , some lawyer was handling operations and under him international students were allowed to stay free as long as they do full seva. Not sure what happened afterwards.
  7. Singh Sabha Canada

    I was there last year during December if that helps.
  8. Any Sikh psychologist here on this forum?

    Psychology topic itself is very fascinating, if you do some deep study on it, you be astonished to come across - deep layers of mind and ego of human, how complex they are, how many zillions of defense mechanism humans use to cope for ego survival- to stand on always, how ego feels threatened, how ego always require sense of security, cause to represent, how it thrives on conflict and division, how conditioning forms. One can also get deep understanding on various religious groups, people, movements, social media groups, spiritual materialism etc etc
  9. Please share shabads or their commentary in this thread which you perceive which layer of body it address to. Use this thread, so we can compile them here. More vichar the better.
  10. I think it be amazing if someone starts a big project and break it down-deconstruct and write commentary of each gurbani shabad addressing to which layer of human body. For eg- Maha vak shabads* are directly addressed to bibek/soul layer of human body for unity with jiv atma and paratama - individual soul unity with vahiguru universal soul. Man tu jot saroop hai apna mool painchain is addressed to bibek / mind layer of human body to find source of itself. I believe there might be some shabads also which addresses to physical body perhaps be healthy? *
  11. Singh Sabha Canada

    I am not quite sure, I am not in touch with gurdwara politics. I assume, they be always around - ego thrives on conflict, division etc.
  12. Thanks for your feedback. Love to hear historical perspective commentary on Sant Singh maskeen snippet Katha above.
  13. Singh Sabha Canada

    I know infamous singh sabha gurdwara in brampton - Sikh Lehar Center recently went through polar opposite committee change and total over haul. I was there at somebody function, they are much more panthic in terms in parchar. They had puratan samparda literature in their library.
  14. Awesome acting by Matthew mcconaughey https://youtu.be/9oX2xFo7JA4
  15. Unique solution to deal with bullys

    If bullying case goes to school and or court house. It can be recommended to judge or principle to have bully attend sikh seminar or gurdwara as community work so that they can be taught about sikhism and remove ignorance and hatred from their mind and heart.