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  1. Reply from guest: The wrong notions should not be spread. They are doing sukhmani sahib along with nitnem sahib. And stop saying about differences between castes. There is no difference created. There is no low and high caste. All ate treated equal. If you don't have good things to talk about, stop saying bad things and mind your business
  2. happy vaishakhi everyone.
  3. mega bump. Satguru nanak dev nirankar di avtar purb diya sangata nuo lakh lakh vaadiya hove!!
  4. - First you were banned by me on the other id you send me the color language via pm regarding my mom -Second This site is not going sullah, so calm your self - Third I am going to have to put under moderation due to excessive abusive language ..be mindful parents and kids visit the website have to be mindful for them.
  5. Can you find the direct link of that thread from your history so we can look in to this further ?
  6. Let readers decide, again three simple questions
  7. What does dhandrianwale says or think about- 1. Main purpose of life? 2. Does he beleive in three pillars of sikhism- kirat karo, naam jaapo and vand ke shakho? 3. What does dhandrianwale think about verb -bhramgyan (enlighten state of being) ? (Notice i mentioned bhramgyan not bhramgyani). Thats all for now.
  8. What would be top five direct questions be for dhandrianwale?
  9. Religion is western concept, correct terms would be dharam, panth.
  10. It turns out i lost their recording , corrupted voice recorder so disappointed i asked them about four questions. I will write their answers from memory: - They said mata sahib devan always want to honor her husband in this case - sri guru gobind singh ji, didnt want any recongition in general shakti is not different from vahiguru as its leen in vahiguru , mata sahib devan didn't want any recognition in ardas so her wish was fullfilled. I am not sure there is historical sakhi on this.
  11. I did asked this question to sant jagjit singh ji harkhowale as they came this weekend to brampton, their answer is interesting one. I will put up recording shortly.
  12. Good question, i would think from shiv shakat perspective, shakti-life force form (nari) is incomplete (adhuri) without 'PURKH' formless so thats why focus is mainly on purkh. All though, there are many arguments based on our history which refutes the above perspective as sargun-maya-anything with form is glorified in gurmat sidhant too.
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