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  1. Sam Harris- 30 minute guided meditation
  2. sarabatam

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    Let readers decide, again three simple questions
  3. sarabatam

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    What does dhandrianwale says or think about- 1. Main purpose of life? 2. Does he beleive in three pillars of sikhism- kirat karo, naam jaapo and vand ke shakho? 3. What does dhandrianwale think about verb -bhramgyan (enlighten state of being) ? (Notice i mentioned bhramgyan not bhramgyani). Thats all for now.
  4. sarabatam

    Dhadrianwala Vs Great Sikhs

    What would be top five direct questions be for dhandrianwale?
  5. sarabatam

    Is Sikhism a religion

    Religion is western concept, correct terms would be dharam, panth.
  6. It turns out i lost their recording , corrupted voice recorder so disappointed i asked them about four questions. I will write their answers from memory: - They said mata sahib devan always want to honor her husband in this case - sri guru gobind singh ji, didnt want any recongition in general shakti is not different from vahiguru as its leen in vahiguru , mata sahib devan didn't want any recognition in ardas so her wish was fullfilled. I am not sure there is historical sakhi on this.
  7. I did asked this question to sant jagjit singh ji harkhowale as they came this weekend to brampton, their answer is interesting one. I will put up recording shortly.
  8. Good question, i would think from shiv shakat perspective, shakti-life force form (nari) is incomplete (adhuri) without 'PURKH' formless so thats why focus is mainly on purkh. All though, there are many arguments based on our history which refutes the above perspective as sargun-maya-anything with form is glorified in gurmat sidhant too.
  9. sarabatam

    Is the forum being spammed N30?

    Thanks for keeping an eye out for this , it seems back to normal now. I will investigate further.
  10. any recorded bachans by baba ji wanna share with sangat?
  11. sarabatam

    Sikhi and Conversions

    Its true because our own Guru sahib refuse to convert to different faith and were matyred because of that. We have examples of that, precedence is already set thats why we don't belong to forced conversions of non sikhs. Here are the small videos:
  12. sarabatam

    Are these People SJW's?

    Picking up on this point, conservatives in canada are going to centerist, who would have thought? lol. No wonder when real centerist went too far, we need replacement.
  13. Going back to the topic, no he doesn't need to be tankhaiya as he is not sikh politican, he is cdn politican who happen to be sikh. I've heard so much negative stuff against him, people should cut the poor guy some slack, he gets shafted right left and center. Lets talk about his policies not his person life. I find his policies too lefty for me for example as he wants to legalize all the drugs like Portugal. In western countries, no political party is perfect, lot of people are quite partisan and ideological driven ie- either you are Marxist, communist or right-fascist. Real progressive gov't should be quite flexible and fluid in their policies and should be also circumstantial. Like for eg- one should tighten lot of loose liberal laws and should be tough on crime but at the same time come up with rehabilitation programs in criminal justice system to reintegrate people who made mistakes in their life back in the society.
  14. sarabatam

    Are these People SJW's?

    Left is just as bad as right, in fact they are both highly influenced by ideology and equally intolerant of any opposing views. There is no such thing as centrist ideology anymore, centrist keep going left, eat their cake to the point in political landscape centerist are now known as left.
  15. sarabatam

    Tea And Meditation

    Tulsi tea brand has good collection of naturally soothing tea's