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  1. Nice video. Japji sahib talks about sunnan, manan and nidashan in the pauris.
  2. sarabatam

    Afghan Singh Shaheeds

    Late Manmeet Bhullar alberta mp have excellent work in the past to bring awareness of afghan sikhs and hindus conditions in afghanistan and their plight.
  3. sarabatam

    Sikhi is giaan marg or bhakti marg

    Good topic, remind me of saying by baba budda ji- Mukh Bhagti, hirde gyan ||
  4. sarabatam

    Looking for full shabad Urgently

    Yes that's it, thank you so much bro.
  5. I am just looking for full shabad, i just remember little bit of it, can someone please find it for me?. My sincere apologies if i am missing full lari of full shabad but thats what i am looking for it. Its from bilaval mahalla 5 Man Chinda paya nanak har gun gaye Shabad akhand aapar ||
  6. sarabatam

    Spam On The Forum

    Thanks, will look into it.
  7. @dalsingh101 love your views on this ?
  8. sarabatam

    Hate Crimes in Canada

    This is directly related to fear perpetuated by over exaggerated reporting of sikh extremism in the media since feb, they had 150 odd articles to justin trudeau disatrous trip to india and whole jaspal atval fiasco, recall to remove parmar picture etc. This may be also indirectly (due to very closed timing) related to jealously /fearful/ serious concerns factor / unfairness sentiments lot of albertans hold regarding inflammable news/good news of sikhs are now allowed to ride motorcycle in Alberta. Don't get me wrong I am happy by the decision to allow sikhs ride motor cycle without helmet but to calm fears or safety concerns, small minority who plans to ride motorcycle should have also voluntary came forward with wiliness to pay $20-50 extra in insurance for this kind leeway to address safety concerns and to calm fears. It would have been very re-assurance gesture to wider Canadians who have fears on safety, higher injury rates concerns strain on health system
  9. https://www.geekwire.com/2018/mit-student-wows-60-minutes-surfing-internet-ordering-pizza-mind/ MIT student wows ’60 Minutes’ by surfing the internet and ordering pizza — with his mind BY KURT SCHLOSSER on April 23, 2018 at 9:32 am Post a Comment Share Tweet Share Reddit Email Watch: GeekWire's Elevator Pitch MIT graduate student Arnav Kapur on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” (CBS News via Twitter) If getting away from your laptop or smartphone any other internet-connected device is your last hope for getting lost in the quiet of your own thoughts, a kid at MIT appears poised to mess with that. Arnav Kapur, a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, was featured on “60 Minutes” Sunday night, showing off a project called AlterEgo. The device worn on Kapur’s head works when the user internally vocalizes a specific command or question — sort of like silently Googling something in your head. Electrical signals that the brain normally sends to the vocal cords are intercepted and sent to a computer and that information is then communicated to the user’s inner ear via vibrations. Watch Kapur — looking like a “Rain Man” for the modern age — give the answer to 45,689 divided by 67. And see him name the largest city in Bulgaria and give its population. Twitter Ads info and privacy Kapur, who has only been working on the project for a year, didn’t stop there. He also wowed the “60 Minutes” crew by ordering a pizza with his thoughts. OK, wait a minute. I’ve done this so many times in my head I’ve lost count. Sure, the pizza never actually showed up, like it did for Kapur and company, but man I could taste it.
  10. ~ Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara -full video-insight to state of art Gurdwara sahib by sangat ~
  11. Some great posts guys, so in essence IK-non dual being expressing itself via sound/life energy- Ong- Creative, preserving, destruction (Kaal-death) Kar-Eternal Awareness , bringing all aspects of divine together
  12. sarabatam

    Sikh Censor Board

    SGPC and Sri Akaal Takth Jathedar dropped the ball on this one. 1 SGPC with 10 members thoroughly analyze this movie back in 2015, provide recommendation, recommendations are applied by director- Harinder Sikka 2. SGPC approves the movies, letter is kept by harinder sikka as reference 3. Akaal Takth Jathedar- Gyani gurbachan singh ji provides letter to sikka congratulating him on his work for Nanak Shah Fakir 4. Fast Fwd to 2018, all of sudden U turns, ban this movie. 5. He couldn't pull out the movie even if we wants to know as he gave other productions access to run this movie in various states in India and besides this is already been approved by SGPC and akaal takth jathedar in the past. Future recommendation 1. Instead of involving incompetent fools from SGPC making U turn, flip flops, back peddle which we all thought were scholars who stand by their decision, involve all five takth jathedars in decision making. 2. They should invest in movie productions, have their stake in it. I plan to watch torrent version of this movie, as i don't want to inadvertently support the movie financially but once i deem its appropriate i will buy DVD or something.
  13. sarabatam

    The Guru's Wisdom

    wow very nice, please share more.!!!