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  1. Importance of taking Hakumnama, cannot be emphasized enough! Satguru speaks to everyone from its illahi bani, this is clear as a light in taking Hakumnama, lets quickly contemplate what happens- Gyani ji, individual and sangat do ardas infront of maharaj, then gyani ji sits on tabia with clear Awareness of maharaj saroop, he/she via clear awareness without mental noise, preconditioning or thought, pre conceived notions or emotions turns very effortlessly and spontaneously picks up and read ang arbitrarily. At that moment - its jagad jot- supreme awareness(supreme atma) of sri guru granth sahib ji helps jot-jiv atma to pick up and read ang of satguru maharaj for mass sangat, individual and guide them accordingly. This is miracle in itself - this is my freinds pure evident divine at play where supreme awareness-JOT works and operates very freely in a very clear pristine way via mere mortals and provide them with direct answers, insights, epiphanies, revelations-guidance for mass sangat or customized for individual. This is really helpful for everyone, especially for seekers with this guidance of hakumnama- it makes them more receptive towards outer and inner Satguru and makes them more introverted in the path and gets them out of conceptual sand box of egoic mind/mental noise. Small clip from bhai sukha singh:
  2. I am going to have to look at the old archives in old hard drive which i will not be get to at least until next weekend. So please bare with me.
  3. Okay thanks for letting me know..i will look into it shortly.
  4. All recording are downloadable from the link below http://www.gurmatveechar.com/audio.php?q=f&f=%2FKatha%2F02_Present_Day_Katha%2FBaba_Jagjit_Singh_(Harkhowal_wale)%2FDiscussions_Questions_and_Answers
  5. Hilarious youtube channel of political satire-aussie - must watch!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKRw8GAAtm27q4R3Q0kst_g
  6. Reply from guest: The wrong notions should not be spread. They are doing sukhmani sahib along with nitnem sahib. And stop saying about differences between castes. There is no difference created. There is no low and high caste. All ate treated equal. If you don't have good things to talk about, stop saying bad things and mind your business
  7. happy vaishakhi everyone.
  8. mega bump. Satguru nanak dev nirankar di avtar purb diya sangata nuo lakh lakh vaadiya hove!!
  9. - First you were banned by me on the other id you send me the color language via pm regarding my mom -Second This site is not going sullah, so calm your self - Third I am going to have to put under moderation due to excessive abusive language ..be mindful parents and kids visit the website have to be mindful for them.
  10. Can you find the direct link of that thread from your history so we can look in to this further ?
  11. Let readers decide, again three simple questions
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