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  1. We have added two brand new links- nanak naam and sikhism in snippets by kam on our main page, we hope to work with them to help generate traffic on all platforms including on sikhawareness.
  2. Dalsingh and jageera please make peace and move on ...keep it clean or take it over pm.
  3. Harjasdevi is warned , next will be ban. We have come long way from your past cesspool posts and drama. SA is beacon for intellectual and spirituality not for dramas. Will prefer one quality post than quantity.
  4. source: http://gurdwarananaksar.org/english/events_e.html http://gurdwarananaksar.org/docs/nanaksar_events_eng_2020.pdf (right click and save target as) http://gurdwarananaksar.org/docs/nanaksar_events_pjb_2020.pdf (right click and save target as)
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    Our apologies for delay, its approved now.
  6. Vahiguru ji, sri guru nanak dev ji avtar purb sri akhand patt sahib starting today.
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