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  1. how do you understand the shabads on pg 60 and 599, where maharaj says "Soham"? http://www.sikhitothemax.com/Page.asp?Sour...G&PageNo=60 and http://www.sikhitothemax.com/Page.asp?Sour...&PageNo=599
  2. weird how guru sahib sent bhai gurdas to kashi to study 'hindu texts', not to mention the 5singhs sent there during guru gobind singh jis time learn your history
  3. as well as many of the upanishads, the patrick olivelle translation is great
  4. gurfateh guru khalsa ji, anyone have any good tikas on akal ustat? specifically one that goes into details about the dohras (pauris 200-210) ? anyone know of any good ones from any nirmalay or other sampardaies? btw, does pandit tara singhs dasamgranth tika go into detail about these? thats the only dasam steek i know of. thanks gurfatehji
  5. n3o babaji, can you please add the other parts? also what book is this coming out off?
  6. great post tsingh it totally smashed kulbir singhs idea on vedant http://www.tapoban.org/forum/read.php?1,4369
  7. there are 2 sukhmana sahibs, one i believe is a compliation of bani by guru ram das ji, which can be found in some gutkay, baba mohan singhs benthi bani gukta (bhindran taksal) for one. the second is sukhmana sahib patshahi 10, this bani used to be in some old saroops of dasam granth. its rare to find, i have a copy of an old hazoori gutka and this bani is in there, but i havn't seen it anywhere else. i do hvae a copy, pm me if you would like to read it
  8. hows the wine in iran bahadur? do they know you drink wine?
  9. as bahadur (darbandi baba) once said in his katha (b4 he converted to islam), khalsa means someone who is under the direct authority of guru gobind singh ji, obviously the people at akal takht arnt, so therefore they are not khalsa correct? therefore there is a limitation on who khalsa is, and it is a very rare thing, (as bahadur once agreed to, before "he saw the light")
  10. the one in the danish newspaper was nice as well
  11. what is giani mani singhs background?
  12. would love to here what others have to say about this topic, its an old one correct me if im wrong, but gurbani is written on so many different levels from what i have seen. sometimes maharaj will write aape beej aape hi khaie, but then othertimes you will see lines, like shaheediyan posted, jith hath jor kar vekhai soe, nanak utam neech na koe so is it possible that maharaj is speaking on different levels? as in, maharaj knows different people at different spiritual levels are going to read this, and thus people can look at it either way, but ultimately Rab controls and does everything. how does this fit in with advait vedenta? tsingh? n3o? shaheediyan?
  13. great post, can i get some clarification on some definitions on the following terms... ananyabhav bhakti, antahkaran-vritti, upasna, turiya thanks!
  14. amazing, freed you are truely a gem
  15. hahah baba ankee !!! ive stayed with babaji in india for 3 days at one of his deras, his gurdrawa at agamgar sahib. one of the nicest nihung singhs around, one of a kind.
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