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This is something I have been extremely confused about for quite a long time.

Could someone please explain to me what is the connection between, Nanaksar, Rara Sahib, reru sahib, ratwara sahib, karamsar, hoti mardan etc. is.

I tried looking at all of their sites, and their histories all seem to overlap, but its quite confusing to make out the connection between all of them.

Also, please tell me about the connections between Sant baba attar singh ji,the two sant baba isher singh jis, sant baba waryam singh ji, who I believe were all leaders of these jathe (Dont know which beautiful sant was head of which)

thank you

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all of them apart from nanaksar are sub-lineages of the broader bhai dya singh lineages within the nirmala samprday (while the other broader lineages are from bhai dharam singh). All follow the same parampra down to baba karam singh ji hoti mardan. Nanaksar has a link to the nirmalay via sant harnam singh and sant vadhava singh, the vidyagurus of baba nand singh ji, hence sants like baba ghala singh ji and baba ram singh ji being close to nirmal panchayti akhara nirmalas.

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There is no such thing as a 'mainstream line' when it comes to lineages - a gurdev has a few shish, each goes on to become a gurdev, has a few more shish...but since the five nirmalas from kashi were put under the charge of bhai dya singh ji and bhai dharam singh ji, and considering that the nirmalay were much fewer in number initially, the parampras all eventually whittle down to one of those two panj pyaras.

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I believe that all the true sants that come on earth know each other well even though they don't meet each other physically. Since they are all connected with God they can connect with each other too.

One thing that I noticed from reading biographies of some sants is that they greatly respect each other. The prem, humility and love they show for each other is immense and immeasurable. Whenever a some sant used to come Baba Nand Singh ji himslef would get up and get the asan ready for the guest.

I know that Baba Nand Singh ji had once visited Sant Ishar Singh Ji rare sahib wale and they did many bachans with each other. Sant Ishar Singh ji and Baba Ishar Singh ji kaleran wale can be seen sitting together with each other in photographs.

Baba Ishar Singh ji kaleran wale were the sewak of Baba Nand Singh ji. He did sewa for 24/7 without breaks and rest for like 13 years continuosly. And when Baba Nand Singh ji left their body, it is said that Baba Ishar Singh Ji did gupt naam abhyaas/tapasya for 7 years . Then he came back and took charge of Nanaksar Thaath at Jagraon.

Sant Maha Harnam Singh ji were the Murshid of Baba Nand Singh Ji. One bachan that Sant Attar singh ji mastuane wale used to do was that there is a sant who is " rab da noor" himself in a certain village (referring to Sant Maha Harnam Singh ji)

Maryada of Sant Maha Harnam singh ji was very weird and it was for a purpose to scare away the kache manmukh people. For eg. Baba ji always used to cover his face and his eyes. Once some naughty youth removed the cloth on his face, as a result the pile of hay that was lying around got burnt, the whole village was about to get burnt and the village people came and ask for forgiveness.

There was no prakash of Guru Granth Sahib ji in his dera. He used to say a mahan rishi will come (referring to Baba Nand Singh ji) and teach the maryada of doing the sewa of Guru Granth Sahib ji.

Once a group of thieves came to Baba ji , baba ji got impressed with their truth and blessed them with a rule of some kingdom.

sometimes in his mauj , he would wear kingly clothes.

he would cover himself in blanket even during the summer and people would think this baba is weird.

People in the village would often call him " sher wala baba", because in his mauj sant ji would sometime take the form of Narsingh Avtar who saved prahlad and roar louldy.

there was no fire used in his langar, they would mix the raw ingredients and it would cook by itself, and no salt mirch was supposed to be added in the langar.

he used to have a "khazana", a room which always remained full of wealth, he would keep the devotees with him , teach them to do sewa and jap naam, and if they were gristhi he would pay them for the equivalent of 40 days work.

whenever a new devotee would He would ask them to write their ancestors name, often people didn't know the names more than their great-grandparents, rest of the ancestors names Baba ji would get written with his anubhav, those registers are still kept at bhucho kalan. Baba ji used to say a day will come when these will be required.

Baba MahaHarnam Singh jis khedan, and maryadas were different such as normal people wouldn't recognize Him. just imagine how great that Sant would be who is the murshid of the greatest of all Baba Nand Singh Ji maharaj.

All the sants are dhan!! waheguru

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Vjkk Vjkf,

Regarding, the great sant baba harnam singh ji, their dera is based in bathida, in Bhucho Kalan Pind Rumi, Ive personally did darshan of baba jis saroop, there is only one saroop of baba ji in dera rumi, you can only do the darshan if you have did 5 japji sahib or 1 sukhmani sahib path,then the sevadaar will take you where the saroop is and the sevadaar will open the curtains and you can do darshan plus the sevadaar will also tell you the jeevan of baba ji and wht was the reason why there is no saroop of baba ji available elsewhere then dera rumi. As once ive heard a photographer went to baba maha harnam singh ji bhucho wale and did darshan and requested to take a picture of them, after enquiring baba ji said 'No', as baba ji didint want there picture to be taken. However, the photographer insisted to accept babajis bachan, he rather go on and took baba ji's picture, but when he looked through his camera b4 taking a pic, he couldnt see baba ji and when he look at baba ji without the camera he could see them, after this gautak, he asked for forgiveness from baba ji...

You would be amazed if you ever had a chance to read this book 'jeevan kautak' of baba ji written by satnam singh bhai ki darolih


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