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new taksali website

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If it is run by the sevadars of Mehta, then why don't they show Baba Harnam Singh Dhuma Jee's picture along with other Jathadars? After Baba Takhur Singh Jee went to Sachkhand, there are now three groups.

-one is Baba Harnam Singh Dhumas Jee's group (running Mehta)

-second is Baba Ram Singh Jee's group.

-and there is a third group which still beleives Sant Jarnail Singh Jee is not Shaheed. They are a more militant type group as I have heard, and they are really good Gursikhs who stand up for the Panth.

I think that this website is probably run by people belonging to the third group because it does not have Dhumas Jee or Baba Ram Singh Jee's pictures in it.

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I don't think they are hostile to one another. They are all Guru Ke Singh. In a way maybe this is a blessing for the panth. More Taksals means more Gurmat Vidya will be spread in the Panth which is very badly needed. In fact I think there should by hundreds of Taksals in Punjab. Taksal during Sant Baba Gurbachan Singh Jee's period was a traveling university and not stationary like it has become. I hope one of these groups also starts a similar mode of Parchar in India because Parchar is what is lacking currently in the Panth. The 3rd group is also more youthful as compared to the first two groups.

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I highly doubt that this website is run the the Mehta group which us under Baba Harnam Singh Jee Dhuma because Baba Dhuma Jee beleives Sant Jee is Shaheed while on the website it says:

In March 1983 Sant Jee learnt of all these evil plans and the prevalent threats to Sikhs and devised strategies to lead the Sikhs through this critical and historically definitive period. He attempted to ensure that the dreams of the enemies of the Panth were not prosperous, and that the cause of the Sikhs received global media attention. In the eyes of the world the Sikhs made a unique victory with Operation Blue Star, as the government had to stoop so low in attempting to silence the Sikhs, making history. In the battle that ensued Baba Thara Singh (Damdami Taksal), Bhai Amrik Singh (President AISSF), General Subegh Singh and many others were martyred, Sant Jee heeding the advice of the Singhs went to an undisclosed location.

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No - "taking the advice of..."

why did Guru Sahib leave Chamkaur?

I'm not saying that the website is correct, but there is a difference between what they say and what you wrote.

Also, it's Sant Jarnail Singh Ji. Please show some repect.

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