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Why was Sikhism Created?

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gangster, I would say sikhi is just a continuation of dharma.

Definetly, sikh panth was created, the bani, you know their unique style of worship and sprituality. But Gurus didn;t create any new religion as such taht was called sikh"ism".

Guru Nanak promoted spiritual equality, that we are all the same spiritually, we all have the ability. But end of the day we are all human beings, and we should recongise this, and Guru Jis definetly didn't make a religion as such to separate us from everyone else.

The SGPC however didn't do this, and put sikhs into the religion mentality, even going as far as denying "other" types of sikhs, ie ones that didn't fit into their tat khalsa. So, if anyone, they woul dhave used the sikh"ism" term. But the panth existed before, sikh panth began with Guru Nanak, bhakti movement stared before this, and dharma has existed much before than even this.

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Actually Shaheediya is right. The first vaar of Bhai Gurdas Jee can answer all your questions as to why Gurmat was started in this world and why Guru Nanak Dev Jee had to take avtar in Kaliyug.

LondonDaJatt, if the Guru Jyot didn't bring about something to Humanity, then why did they take avtar in this world for?

SatGuru Jee is essential for us as humans. Parmatma is Gurprasaad, unless of course you beleive in some alternative Guru. Gurmat is a Nyara path for humanity. Please read Bhai Gurdas Dhiya Varaa and Bhattaa De Svayai on this matter.

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No religion starts off as tribalistic, but eventually all religion turn tribalistic. It's unavoidable if you look at Sikh history the way Sikhs were persecuted during the 1700s.

During the times of Zakriya Khan and Mir Mannu, it was literally a crime to be a Sikh and the penalty for being a Sikh was death. It's things like that make you tribalistic in nature.

Then after such severe persecution the Sikh minority of Punjab who were just a mere 7% of Punjab's total population came out triumphantly to rule Punjab against all odds. This type of history gives us a sense of being special and Nyara. Our history is unrivalled by another other community in the South Asian subcontinent or even the world in my opinion.

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all religions have four levels..shariat, tariqat, hakikat and marfat..sikhi also has shariat as far as historical, oral traditions are concerned. Its not fault of religious methodology, if 85% of sikhs are stuck in shariat and cant pass shariat like rest of so called dharmis from other dharams.

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There would be nothing wrong with Sikhs being stuck in shariat, if they actually all followed it properly.

"they started this matt of course. But they didn;t create a tribal religion or anything."

The Guru's created and initiated Sikhs - followers of their Guru's word. History and Guru's hukumnamai clearly show those Sikhs formed a community. To further define the commnunity the Guru created the Khalsa.

There is nothing wrong with being a spiritual community following rules - problems happen when people replace the Guru's mat with their own - then the community becomes fragmented.

The beauty of the Guru's community was it's diversity and all inclusiveness - yet common acceptance of one Master.

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Human beings without religion are just animals. The law of the land is derived from religion.

Could you please explain the following

What is the Bhakti movement?

What is "Dharma"? Where does this concept spring from?

Bhakti is derived from the sanskrit root bhaksh meaning 'to eat' it is a movement regarding people who were hungry. But it became an allegorical quest for the 'somosa of somosa's' WHich had its arising in the primordial mist before time and had the quality of destroying all hunger. The concept dharma is to do, allegorically, with imbli chutney The paradox of trying to eat, a mystical somosa which destroys hunger, gave rise to a lesser path of 'chutney ritualism' among which at that time in india imbli was supposed to be the best.

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Bhakti is derived from the sanskrit root bhaksh meaning 'to eat' it is a movement regarding people who were hungry. quote]

Just a small note. The sanskrit root of bhakti is bhaj, which although has diverse meaning from the more literal 'to belong to' to the implied 'to serve', does not mean to eat. I've never heard of the root being bhaksh only ever bhaj. What is the source of that? the sanskrit root term is also used in gurbani 'bhaj raam naam'. good analogy though.

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