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Massive Dhumalla


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Jai Hind

What is the reason behind some nihangs wearing huuuumongouuuuuus dumallas?

From what I can see it is nothing but a hindereance to ones daily duties. eg I suppose they cant bow down, they are slowed down because of the weight and no way can they reach half the weapons placed in their turbans!

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What I heard is wearing of Massive Dhumally were not practiced in the Nihang Dals in the past. Huge Dhumally are inpractical even in yud and serves no real purpose. A practical Dhumala would be one that allows you to wrestle with the Dhumally on.

I think now adays wearing Massive Dhumally is done for Holla Malla, correct me if im wrong.

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True, you have a point. I'll never understand why some Nihangs wear these very very very large Dumalas. What purpose does it serve? 99% Nihangs wear normal sized Dumalas, but I'll never understand those few Nihangs who wear Dumalas size of their bodies like Nihang Major Singh Ji. Obviously it's not going to be very practicle in battle or a fight, it sort of defeats the Thiyaar bar Thiyaar lifestyle of a Nihang Singh doesn't it?

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lol - huge dumaale are tied out of.....


pure simple love for the guru's bana

sometimes people do things in live which are not practical - so what?

does everything in life have to be practical?

was Guru Amardas Jis walking to the river backwards to collect water for Guru Angad Ji's ishnaan practical?

Was is practical to send the smallest fighter Bachittar Singh to face an elephant?

Was it practical to fight 40 against 100,000?

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From what i heard, the huge dumalle were to counter if not piss off the british as they tried to eliminate nihung singhs

your right, it was only in the late 1800s and early 1900 when you would see the gigantic dastar bungay. i think it was jathedar baba sahib singh, or during his time, where they started to wear the massively huge dumallay.

however, don't confuse the gigantic ones with the other old school conical style dumallay.

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heard in a news story some time ago that Nihang Major Singh wears a massive dumaalla in an attempt to inspire youth to begin wearing turbans.

Personally, I feel more inspired when I see a Nihang Singh dressed in blue adorned with many Shastars all over his body. It is an awe inspiring scene. In fact, it makes me want to be a Nihang.

Huge Dumalle like what Nihang Major Singh Jee wears does not inspire me, although I do respect him for his intentions, but still I just don’t see the point in wearing such a huge dumala like that, as opposed to the normal standardised size Dumalas that most Nihangs wear.

Nihangs are supposed to be Tiyar bar Tiyar and ready for Jang-Yudh at all times. So doesn't wearing an impractically HUGE dumala like Nihang Major Singh Jee defeat the concept of a Nihang Singh being Tiyar Bar Tiyar at all times?

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