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Autobiography of Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkhowal wale


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I really like the formula for making dhoop but I think some of the ingredients might be rare or even very expensive.

For eg. The suche moti, i don't think it is possible to find suche moti anywhere , even if they are found they will be very expensive .

Baba Hari Singh mentioned in one of his kathas that he was looking for suche moti to make some kind of ayurvedic medicine. He said that suche moti are found only deep in the ocean. The pearls that are made by oysters in farms cannot be called suche moti because they do no meet the standard of the real pearl.

I wonder what an amazing effect this kind of dhoop if made would have on our minds when meditating. I long for that experience.

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If you ask Baba Ji they will give you the ingrediants for making 'havan'(no anti-hindu remarks, please!) dhoop. And the procedure for doing a 'havan yag'.

The ingrediants he gives can quite easily be bought from places like Soho Road and Smethwick.

I remember when we made it many years back. Most of the stuff are actually just herbs and spices!

There are no set ingrediants. At Sultanpur , they only use several base ingrediants, whereas we bought tons of different items.

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baba ji is going back to india now isnt he?

I wud really appreciate it if someone who will be in contact with baba ji can get me the list in punjabi. I have my sources in india to get the stuff but i need to know if im pronoucing it right first.

Btw this is gna sound random but here it goes.

Baba ji is puran Brahm Giani, when i went to do their darshan when they were in the UK a couple of weeks ago at someones house in walsall, i was skeptical. and even during their darshan i felt like i was being kind of fake. But i could tell that even though baba ji was sitting there talking to us baba jis avastha was somewhere else.

Well anyways, it played on my mind for a couple of days about the "authenticity" of Baba ji because im the sort who doesnt easily believe in sants etc, but then a week later i had an experience which i wont say here because i find it dear, which shocked me and made me really believe that baba ji is truley a brahm giani of this dark age, and now i yearn to do their darshan, but sadly i dont think theyre in the UK anymore.

so people laha leh lo if u can do darshan of babaji.

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