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Tarlochan Darshan Das


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Recently I have been listen to the katha of Maharaz Tarlochan Darshan Das Ji on Aastha Channel.

In the past, all I have heard of him and his sect/cult from mainstream Sikhs has all been negative. But listening to his katha I have not heard anything controversal - from my point of view.

Can anyone shed any light on his beliefs and why he is frowned upon by mainstream Sikhs??

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The public face is always nice and sweet. If you look deeper into their organisation, you'll find that he considers himself Guru and they have said some pretty derogatory stuff about Guru Sahib in the past.

His father, who was shot, was a lot more open about what they really believe but I guess the son (Tarlochan) learnt from that and doesn't say controversial stuff in public.

They only exist to gather followers.

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I just watched some of his videos online like this one:

I have to admit, he does perform pretty well. His singing, facial expressions, body language, hand movement while singing he is very impressive I must say.

I don't know if anyone one here has seen online videos of Gurmit Ram Rahim. He's also very impressive, and probably even a better speaker than Darshan Das. But as the saying goes in Hindi "Haathi Ke Daanth Khaane vallay Aur, Aur Dikhaanay valay Aur" (An elephant has two sets of teeth, one for eating and the other for display).

Don't get fooled by sweet talking salesmen like these men. They may look and talk very impressively, but what they sell may not be worth the dumb you take every day in the latrine.

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I think that have a name like "Great secret" is just to catch people’s attention. People are probably thinking "WOW! What great secret does he have? I must know!"

These frauds are plenty who go around calling themselves "Guru". They look, talk and have body language which can instantly attract people towards them. The Radhaswami Guru for example is handsome man and according to people I know who have met him he is also a very charming person. But these things are all superficial. Once a person reads their books you can't help but laugh, especially about their creation theory which is just as ridiculous as the creation theory of the Mormons.

How people become the Chelle of these people is really beyond my understanding.

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Could you share this theory with us? Is this written by the present dehadaari Guru?

When I was still a teenager I read a book given to me by a Radhasoami which details how they beleive creation was started. If I remember correctly, basically they beleive that there are 5 Gods and that a negative God called Kaal is the one who created this world. Kaal plays the same role as Satan in Abrahamic faiths. Unlike Sikhs, they don't beleive that Vaheguru created the world, nor does he have access to it, but he can send his saints here to bring back our Souls to a place called Radhasoami Dam which is even higher than Sachkhand.

The early Radhasoamis were a real strange type of people. When their first Guru, Shiv Dayal who chewed alot of Paan and would spit it, his followers would fight amongst each other for who would have the honour of licking and eating that spited Paan on the ground. They considered it Prashaad! EEEWWWWWW!!

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