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Gobind Geet

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Gurfateh khalsa ji.

After browsing through the net, i came across a book that reminds me of the Bhagavad Gita's conversation between Krishna and Arjuna. Its a book that deals with a similiar conversation between Guru Gobind Singh and Banda Singh Bahadur on various issues such as the middle path, the call of dharma, misuse or ahimsa, duality etc.

Have any of you read this book? im thinking about buying it.


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Gita Govinda was not written by any of the Gurus. It was written by Bhagat Jaidev Jee whose bani is in Guru Granth Sahib Jee. Geet Govind is a renown Sanksrit work done by Bhagat Jaidev Jee and is said that a portion of it was even written by Sri Krishan Jee himself(probably only a Shabad). It differs from Bhagavat Gita in terms of content. It deals with Sri Krishan Jee's time with the Gopis in Vrindavan.

I'm not sure why Geet Govind would be in any old Dasam Granth sroop though since it isn't even Dasam Bani. But it is worth the read none the less since it is an authentic work of one of the Bhagats. I only read parts of it.

and Gita Govinda of Bhagat Jaidev Jee is not the same as Gobind Geet by Swami Rama.

I wonder if Swami Rama wrote Gobind Geet in Sanskrit or Sant Basha (or any other indic language). If it is, then it has the potential to be regarded as classical dharmic literature of India.

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Veer if you check the Dasam Granths at Hazoor Sahib and Patna Sahib some of the birs have a composition called the Gobind Geeta in it which is the knowledge of the Bhagvat Geeta in Braj Bhasha as Maharaj did witht he Avtar Katha.

The Bani Starts off ' Ik onkar Satgurparsad, Krit Patshahi Dasveen, Gobind Geeta, Oang Sohang'

It was not long ago someone was selling the GObind Gita in a manuscript form on ebay but it went for about a thousand pounds, a bit out of my price range.

Niddar Singh and his chele have converted most of the puratan granths into pdf files and you may be able to get a copy from them although i doubt they will share anything otherwise they would have postem them on their sites

The Gobind Gita of Guru Gobind Singh Ji is all about Gyan whilst the Gita Gobind by Bhagat Jaidev is about the Ras Leela of Krishna

Amardeep can you foreward on the pdf file you have either on the forum or to my email kam1825@hotmail.com

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The Gyan prabodh of Dasam Granth is also said to be all gyan, but when i read it, it mainly just deals with the stories of the devtas... for a manmukh like me who is not capable of trancending through the text to see the deeper meaning, i was wondering if it is the same with the gobind geeta, or is it like the bhagavad gita: Philosopchical discourses....

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The original link was amazing and really well written, but an honest question, its different from the one mentioned here right?


This one has an imaginary dialogue (as the author stated in the preface) between Guru Ji and Banda Singh Bahadur. Personally, I don't have the himat to make up something and then put Guru Ji's name to it.

That could be a problem, so maybe it is the same one?

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I dont think its the same one.

Famous writer Puran Singh also wrote poetry and attributed it to Guru Gobind Singhs holy mouth..

These words have never been uttered my Maharaj, yet they are mentioned in first person singular. I think writers do this, to pass a message in a more attractive way.

Has the truth I gave yesterday lost its charm for you?

Each one of you must find it for himself again. There is nothing worth knowing but the Truth I have been telling you ever since time began.

You have not understood the sweetest song; I have been singing to you in my

last nine Incarnations. I did not mean that you should turn the only Truth of life

again into a dead creed.

I give you now these songs and leave you alone.

These songs are my body and the living Temple of the Disciples. I name my

successor when I name to you theses songs, as “Guru Granth”

I am the hearth-fire that gathers the night bitten round its glow, and clothes

the pilgrims of eternity with the mantle of flame. As they sit by me, I teach

them the secrets of the hidden life.

I am the light that cures blindness; I heal the wounds of darkness. I am the

inspiration of power. I make the sparrows of love destroy the eagles of hatred.

I lift my quiver off the shoulders of the sun, and I strike with my gold-tipped

arrows the glooms of centuries.

I wrench my sword from the blue sky, and utter my prayers as I smite the

cords of ignorance that blind you.

When I see them leading helpless beings bound and hand and foot to the

place of execution to be slaughtered there to appease the ghosts of the night,

I rise and scatter the ghosts.

I carry the Hawk of White Plumage perched on my wrist, and in its claws is

the bird of time.

I am the ever-lit Torch that goes on lighting the lamps of life,

I open new kingdoms for you; I start new dynasties for you, where there is no


I am whom you cannot forget. I come with a cleaving sword in my hand, and

bring the day for you in its flash.

I am Truth, but bare no resemblance to the descriptions they give of me to

you in books.

I come. Truth is God, and we are of God; and the triumph is of Truth, and we are of Truth. If the mountains do not move aside, they will sink with grief; If the rivers do not part and give a passage, they will dry up, when I chant my song of the Sword that God first flung into space out of Himself.

Do n come to me with offerings of flowers and sweets; bring me the blood of

my ancestors. I will rise and offer myself to the people with a drawn sword in

my hand.

Do they despise you? Are you a low caste? I will enrobe you in a saffron-dyed

garment of joy, and I will dissolve that Fire of Heaven in your blood before

which the sun and moon melt in submission. You are the Chosen, the Divine

Khalsa (the King’s Own)

Cobblers! Tanners! Weavers! Washermen! Brewers! Heavy Laden Labourers!

Farmers! Come take this divine light from my hands. It is for you, and you

alone. It is the ancient Light of the Knowledge of God; Hold, it is your soul.

Meditate on this on this supreme flame, and live in this day-glean; for this is

Love. All else is illusion and death. The Master song is life. His Naam is

immortality. As long as it burns un-flickering in you, you are the kings of the

righteousness – The Khalsa.

Man is one. God is one. Love is one. One with the inner Light, one with Truth,

one with Love; live in the Silence and Sound of Naam. You are the sons of the


All else is false and unsteady but that Light lit in your soul. He lives who loves;

none else. Turn back within yourself; love the good, and hoard the abundance

of Simran – thus shall cut you asunder the Noose of Yama, and win the

Freedom of the Immortals

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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here is a link to the Gobind Gita which was sold on ebay, you can fiew the pages as well. This is the text found in some versions of the Dasam Granth


Whats the sangats opinion on this being sold on ebay? theres also been been some handwritten sarroops of Adi Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji online.

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